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Telegram casino

Telegram casino: a New trend in mobile applications

One of the new trends, actively identified himself in 2016, steel mobile messengers. The company Slotegrator, which has been supplying software in the field of iGaming argue that the messengers in the gambling industry – a great future. Today users largely use them as an alternative to standard mobile communication. But the potential of these applications is much wider, and with each passing month, their list is updated.

Instant messengers have become a major means of mobile communication

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype, iMessage, ICQ, Line, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger are some popular instant messengers. In early 2016, they have already surpassed the largest social network on the number of active users and continue its rapid growth.

Chat-bots are capturing mobile users

Appeared in the beginning of 2016, the chat-bots in messenger latest instantly give tangible benefits. It is a small programs that perform the functions of an assistant or companion. They are able to translate, to broadcast, to educate, to seek information, ask and answer questions, to play and to entertain, to shop, to be integrated into other services and platforms. Their advantages: convenience and ease of use. In the “ecosystem” of the messenger, they do not require downloading and installation, does not occupy space in memory and on the screen of the smartphone. Therefore, according to the experts Slotegrator, user interest in mobile applications, which now exist for a few million, significantly reduced.

Who will be the first

In early April, 2016, just two developers messenger – Facebook and Telegram has announced the launch of tools for creating chat bots in their platforms. However, at a time when Facebook was just going to present your instrument, Telegram has released the second version of the program. Thus, the Telegram gets the advantage, becoming the first messenger who is running bots. But the secret of success, according to senior Manager of the company Slotegrator Vadim Potapenko, lies not only in it. In August 2013, Telegram was first presented to the public as a free cross-platform messenger which allows you to exchange text messages and files of different formats. At that time the market has existed known to all messengers and reclaim his part of the audience – was the main task of the creators. The main competitive advantages of Telegram are: anonymity – the traffic still has never managed to decipher, no ads, high speed transfer of files and messages as well as chat-bots. The result of the competent marketing policy – the rapid growth of the audience. According to Vadim, thanks chat bots messenger Telegram has become a whole virtual world that people use for work, communication and entertainment.

Chat-bots and the maximum anonymity Telegram

The company Slotegrator examined which of the available messengers today is the most efficient to run the bot online casino. The experts came to the conclusion that Telegram provides maximum anonymity with broad audience reach of those countries where gambling online is officially banned. As noted by Vadim Potapenko: “All correspondence of the users are securely encrypted, and chat bots are not tracked by anyone and are not controlled. This is one of the most important factors which is currently crucial for the successful launch of the gaming project”.

Who casino players in the Telegram

Today, many countries have legal bans and block traffic online casinos. For the inhabitants of these regions boat casino in Telegram is the only way to access the desired gambling. In addition, mobile users have become accustomed to the ease and availability of entertainment content. Keeping pace with the times, online casinos are required to be covered by the chat-bots, and this audience, who are ready to play on the go without having to install and run a separate application, and for passing the authentication procedures.

As the chat-bot are operating in a Telegram

When you start the game in the Telegram chat bot communicates with the platform of the website of the online casino. Using commands typed in text mode, or using the interface buttons displayed on the smartphone screen, the player gets all the features and capabilities of the gaming site. He can Deposit, bet, withdraw winnings, etc. Chat bot in this case is the emulator the same of a roulette wheel or slot machine. The game can be organized either in chat or in the visual mode using a graphical interface.

Two types of chat bot online casino

Returning to the principle of online casinos in the Telegram, Vadim Potapenko asserts that the main stages of the launch of this project is the creation of the telegram-bot platform. The latter is the main backend. It programmed the most important: math and logic, build the game and its result subsequently passed to the player using the bot. The company Slotegrator currently there is already a tested basic development. Chat-bot online casino can be created of two kinds: chat (Telegram-bot + platform) or interface (Telegram-bot + platform + visualization). Vadim says that the chat-bot interface is more preferable for the player. You need to understand that mobile users are the players who are not focused on a serious game and win big. They play for fun and appreciate the opportunity to do it “on the go”. They are willing to spend some money, and for them visualization is quite important. They are accustomed to colorful formats and Emoji.

Our solution is a chat bot for online casinos – unique in the market and, as noted earlier, no analogs today. My report on Gaming Congress Georgia, which will take place on March 1 of this year in Tbilisi will be the first ever gambling on such a decision. I want to note that Slotegrator is the only company that offers such a product. Our partners will be able to operate on the market of any region and be confident that their data and personal information of players is safe. In addition, chat bots allow online casinos to accept players with weak Internet connections, or with “weak” mobile devices. This is important, because today many sites are online casino is extremely picky about the technical characteristics of the devices. About these advantages and the intricacies, as well as many other things I’ll be glad to talk with participants and visitors at the upcoming event

Updated: December 21, 2018 — 7:52 pm

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