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Bitcoin Casino USA


The Bitcoin Strip is the most tested site of reviews of bitcoin casinos. Our goal is to inform and protect the community of gamblers on bitcoins, providing 100% honest and unpaid reviews, warnings about scams, statistics and information.

To play gambling for bitcoin is easier than ever. In 2017 almost all bitcoins of the casino offer instant replenishment of the account and withdrawals without the need to even create an account. Every minute, through these modern casinos, more than 10 000 bets are made, which makes them a reliable choice for many.

Bitcoin Casino: A Brief Introduction

Bitcoin casinos exist about as long ago as bitcoins. They are similar to regular online casinos or real casinos, except that they are much steeper.

Bitcoin-games are currently changing online gambling in the usual sense, introducing endless innovations into them. And that’s why bitcoin casinos are the safest casinos in the world:

Bitcoin and blocking (a chain of transaction blocks) have opened a new era for the world of online casinos.
The wonders of cryptography and the innovation of Bitcoin have made the online game safer than ever before.
With evidence of reserves and mathematically verified honesty, the leading bitcoins of the casino dispel traditional ideas about online casino fraud.
Casino is a huge business, and online games represent a growing share of this market. Moreover, you can invest in them and earn up to $ 10,000 per day. For a complete guide to investing in bitcoin casinos, including a detailed casino comparison and a convenient return on investment calculator, click here.

I have been playing bitcoin casinos since the beginning of 2011 on more than 150 different websites, and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to technical things such as provable honesty. Everyone has a favorite bitcoin casino – find yours today and find out why TheBitcoinStrip is the most reliable resource about bitcoin casino!

I write only honest and unbiased reviews to help you make an informed decision. Each review on this website is 100% honest and not paid for.

Good luck, and play carefully!


What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin in my opinion, is the future of finance. To give you a more precise definition: it is a digital currency based on blockbuster technology. Bitcoin works independently of any government or banking institution, being a decentralized and transparent currency. Crypto-currency is world-known for its confidentiality and can be used to send and receive payments to anyone who has access to the Internet.

How to buy bitcoins?

Currently, there are several ways to purchase bitcoins. Most people prefer to exchange real money for bitcoins (for example, US dollars, euros, etc.) at specialized bitcoins exchanges. Other solutions include real bikkoyn ATMs or buying coins from people you can find on sites like LocalBitcoins.

Do I have access to bitcoins of casinos allowed in the US?

At the moment, some bitcoins of casinos do not allow players from the United States because of the strict rules set for casino operators in America. However, most bitcoins of the casino accept players from all over the world.

How to get free bitcoins?

The easiest way to get free bitcoins is to “nafarmit” them from the tap gambling casino.

Do I need to use a credit card or transfer personal information?

Most casino bitcoins do not require players to provide any personal information. Not only this, but the withdrawal of funds is also always handled via bitcoin, so you do not need to trust anyone with information about your card.

Why should I read and trust the casino reviews published on your website?

We especially care about our reviews. None of our reviews are paid. We spend a huge amount of time playing in every casino and checking its fairness, and we do not shy away from talking about good and bad in the industry. If we do not like the casino, or we think that it is dangerous – we are without fear telling you. Our reviews are written with attention to detail and are aimed at considering all possible issues.

How bitcoin changes online gambling

Bitcoin is very popular among players and online gambling. It is noteworthy that the potential of bitcoin for online casinos became evident even before 2013, when the crypto currency was successfully trading in world markets. But what makes bitcoyne so attractive to people in this industry?

The lack of central control is one of the main advantages of bitcoin. No one can effectively manage them. This allowed developers to experiment with use cases that were impossible or even “illegal” with conventional payment methods. Anyone can program using bitcoin, and the lack of regulation serves as an incentive to limitless creativity.

Bitcoin is not only too new for regulators, its decentralized system and infrastructure show unauthorized malicious interference by third parties. In our case, this means that even if regulators and authorities try to undermine business related to gambling, bitcoin users will not be affected in general, and bitcoin casinos will find ways to avoid regulation.

On the technical side, fast transactions and minimal fees make bitcoin ideal for easily accessible gambling. This, as well as the fact that bitcoin transactions are irreversible, makes it an excellent tool for players and online casinos. While players using conventional means of payment have to finance several accounts and wait for slow and expensive transactions, sometimes they even have to pay commissions on their profits for “fraud prevention” because of the widespread risks of credit cards with gambling.

Moreover, bitcoin transactions are not associated with a name. The ability of bitcoins to anonymous financial transactions has generated platforms that use this feature. Anonymous gambling has never been so accessible before the advent of crypto currency.

How online casinos began to love bitcoin

Although there were some early examples of gambling with support for bitcoins, such as SatoshiDICE and bitZino, the transition from an online casino did not actually begin until bitcoin was in the spotlight, and the user community did not grow exponentially.

Something changed in 2013, the consequences of the financial crisis have not been bypassed, and many people who have already searched for alternative investments have stumbled upon bitcoin. Bitcoin users were happy when in April the price reached $ 100, only to later deliver a still not broken record of $ 1200.

In the meantime, there has been a growing demand for ways to use bitcoin without the need for its exchange. As Bitcoin also proved to be an excellent speculative instrument, the demand for a full-fledged gambling was also high. Traffic already existing casinos supporting Bitcoin, has become huge, and for a while it seemed that new ones are being created almost every day.

The state of society then allowed many developers to experiment with bitcoin in an online casino, and some of them were met with great success. At least a few bitcoins of the casino, which modestly started in 2013, gradually increased confidence and since then have had rates of tens of millions of dollars on their platforms.

SatoshiDICE was one of the first pioneers of the casino bitcoin industry. It offered the only game loved by the gambling community. The idea was simple, just a game of dice. But this is what attracted players. Users could set the coefficients at their discretion, change rates from penny shares to thousands of dollars and “throw dice” at the bitcoin-transaction rate.

Most importantly: the low advantage and demonstrated honesty made players fall in love with this game format and made SatoshiDICE so successful. Players can spend the entire day betting on bitcoin, and still have the mathematical proof that every roll of the bones they made was randomly selected as a win or loss based on the odds they chose.

Although SatoshiDICE still remains an active website, some of its successors have been met with great success. SatoshiDICE no longer takes first place when it comes to the volume of bets. Some websites, such as Primedice, have managed to come up with and implement further improvements for their dicing with demonstrably honesty.

As for the technical improvements, the most important thing was to make bets outside the chain, thus allowing users to fill their accounts with whatever amount of money they would like to bet by sending individual transactions to bitcoin. This greatly accelerated the process of dicing, as there was no need to pass bitcoins for each bet. In addition, most casino bitcoins have an advantage of only 1%, which is very small compared to traditional casino games.

Finally, one of the last steps

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