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Casino social networks have occupied an intermediate position between the classic online casino and neazartnyh games with the option to pay a fee to buy virtual items, power-UPS or virtual currency for real money.

Traditional casino games attract players, driven by the desire to win money and having to lose them. In games, offer social casino alert players about the money is missing, here it is the opposite: users find the game social casino relaxing. And they come there for entertainment.

Social gambling games encourage interaction between players in a network the Internet using social platforms and attract casual gamers who are interested in an exciting pastime.


Social casino games spread through social networks. They are usually multiplayer and browser, ie: do not need to be installed on a PC and available with most of the mobile devices connected to the Internet.

In principle, social casino have practically no differences with the game for “play money” or as they are called “trial games” or “games for fun” in the virtual online casino. The same colorful interface and animation, same game mechanism, the ability to manage settings, etc. of Such popular games: poker, roulette, slot machines, there are bets that can both win and lose.

The differences are that if online casino to play for play money is resorted to only in order to study the principle and practice, and then received the skills and knowledge to apply in the real-money gaming, social casino play solely for fun. In addition, the winning play money in social casino a player can not change a real. For this reason, social games can be called “gambling” with the big stretch, in fact, is an analogue of having a lot in common, but no more. Gambling is the main motivation for a player is winning money, socially the game itself.

Another difference is in regulation. If the online casinos in many countries are banned, the social games are legal throughout the world.

The portrait of the player

Social players are more active audience compared to the visitors of online casinos. They play more often, while launching more sessions. For example, the number of game days is 1.6 times more than other online players. And in every one of their game days social players run 1.4 times more sessions compared to players online casinos. Thus, according to statistics, more mobile players, not only the number of game days, but higher activity in these days. This contributes to the rapid development of mobile technologies.

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In General, the mobile players are showing more progress in all respects. They quickly get addicted and go into the category of clients who invest in their passion, they make second and subsequent payments faster, play more and initiate multiple sessions every time they are in the game. On all counts they remind players of the online casino, but in an accelerated version.

Contributes to the high dynamics as the accessibility of the Internet, and the gaming platform itself, namely: a mobile device that is always with the player, in which you can look constantly. In contrast to the more conservative of online players, their mobile colleagues can play on the go when you just want to kill time or have the opportunity to escape.

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In all games the goal is to have as much time as possible and achieve the best possible results. In social games players can play for free but in order to pass the initial stages, they will have to buy more levels or beg for extra lives from friends, like in the game Candy Crush Saga (the most popular social game on Facebook). All achievements and quests can be shared with friends on social network.

Facebook users make an exchange of cash for in-game. For your account players sold loans or real bets, real money. Thus, during the game you can spend quite a large amount.

Social casino games are net entertainment, but players are highly motivated all the time to keep playing. Studies show psychologists – new players very quickly become “dependent”, trying to accumulate more virtual money or points, to sleep to the next level – so the daily back in the game. Players of social casino want to progress in the game and are willing to pay money for it.

Having carefully considered the audience of social players the most developed markets in the US, the UK and Australia, psychologists have come to a curious conclusion. Players who spend a lot of time in social casino games, spending an average of $550 monthly, up to $7000 annually to play with no hope of winning. The real money players at the online casino, statistics show, spend roughly the same amount.

Advantages of social games

The audience of players in social networks – tens of millions of people. Traffic traffic social casino almost 20 times the traffic of online casinos.

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The biggest advantage social casino is that legally, in all countries, they are not gambling, but at the same time bring to its creators huge profits. Relying on the provisions of the law, gambling provides a financial reward: a prize or money. In social casino anything materially the results of the game can not be obtained.

At the same time, the social players are willing to spend on their entertainment real amount.


Ways to keep a player in social casino there are several. The first method is marketing based and is based on continuous innovation to maintain interest of the player. It’s constant updates, where it goes a large part of total revenue: improved gameplay, new levels, new unique abilities, additional bonuses and opportunities. All of this serves as an anchor for regular players.

The second method is the distortion of probability of winning to “bind” to the player. This is Dynamic Game Balancing – Dynamic game balancing used in social games. Consider how this works on the example of the “one-armed bandits”. If the player can not pass a level for it, the game becomes easier if on the other hand: if a player plays too well for him the game becomes harder. The rate of return in social casino may vary even in the middle of a gaming session, the player can start to play with 125% and end up with 75%. In fact, developments in social games almost never happen really randomly. After all, for developers important “playability” to the player continued to buy for real money extra points, scores, chips. Real gambling online casino winning odds can’t change.


The principle of social casino is that it is free entertainment, but the player can buy a lot of things for real money. For example, a player is given a certain amount of chips. The system is built in such a way that the game engages and tightens. And when the player has lost the put free daily norm, but wish to enjoy the game chips can be purchased for real money. You can also acquire a lot of bonuses, items, VIP accounts, exclusive avatars, some updates, etc. Sometimes real money is required to make a contribution for participation in certain tournaments.

The second significant source of income social casino is the money received for advertising banners. Due to the huge traffic game social networks represent a very profitable advertising platform.

Today advertising revenues in social games is going through the roof, and in some cases can reach up to $10 per user. For several years demand exceeded supply, even despite the very large number of games for mobile devices.

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Social casino as the direction of the business, represent a great potential for developers and investors.

According to statistics, the number of people who gamble in social networks, exceeds the number of registered users online casino real money is almost in 20 times and has already reached almost 5 million people per month.

It is projected that by 2017 social and mobile casino with virtual currency will generate half of the income of the whole sector of online casinos, which is equal to 19 billion euros. This market is very large, dynamically evolving, and there is still room for bold new startups, is able to find its niche. Currently, after the rapid development of social gaming in 2013 in social networks, in 2014 began their explosive growth on mobile platforms.

That has a significant impact on the further development of the market of social casino?

  1. The growing popularity of mobile platforms and the availability of mobile Internet.
  2. Further development of social networks and coverage of new Eastern markets.
  3. Legitimacy in the legislative field.
  4. The development of new technologies related to virtual reality.

Social casino interest to owners online and real casinos, as they can acquaint the audience with the world of gambling and to stimulate its part to try their luck at online casinos with real bets and winnings.

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