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No deposit bonus bonuses of the casino 2018 – rating of the best bonuses

More and more people are starting to switch from traditional gambling to virtual gambling, but very often players stop the money question – that is, how you can play, without creating an account or transferring your personal funds, while still playing and earning.

For many inexperienced players a great opportunity to play for free in a casino is a no deposit bonus. It is given to every new player for free. It’s worth noting that casinos distributing bonuses to the game account can not be found often, and if they come across it is usually a bonus with a large wager. But a big problem in this regard is important to find such an online casino site, where exactly such generous gifts are being distributed. In most cases, withdraw money from the system at once, you need to play some money (in each of the casinos it is different). Playing machine guns, at medium betting, you can quickly win back a dime and put a sum on the withdrawal. A peculiar scheme of quick earnings on the generosity of an online casino =).

In this topic, we will select and check online casinos that give out no deposit and other interesting bonuses under the most optimal conditions for withdrawing money to the account.

No deposit bonus bonuses for online casinos 2018
The best deposit-free bonuses for registration in the online casino are on the Casino Guru website. Information about bonuses without a deposit in 2018. Promotional codes.

We make every effort to create a useful list of online casinos with no deposit bonuses. However, many bonuses are available only for some countries. Therefore, when creating the list, we also take into account the rating of the online casino and the value of each deposit -free bonus for registration.

If your country’s IP address was not determined by your country, click the checkbox at the top left of the site and change it.

If you are already aware of what such no-deposit bonuses are and how to use them, then you are likely to be interested in the following topics:

  1. What are no deposit bonuses?
  2. How do these bonuses work?
  3. Will I be able to withdraw money if I win?
  4. How does the casino earn on no-deposit bonuses?
  5. Is it possible to get a registration bonus several times?

Introduction to casino no deposit bonuses in 2018

No deposit bonuses are a carefully thought-out marketing move that helps online institutions to attract new players. That is, lackeys are a loan that you can play in certain games.

Free bonuses is a gift. Of course, it is done in order to attract new players. The main purpose of these bonuses is to promote the casino brand, and also to fix the email address of the potential player or his phone number. All these contacts, of course, will be used for marketing purposes.

Terms of use of no-deposit bonuses for registration in the casino

“One bonus for one player” is the most important rule in the bonus policy of every online casino.Since the bonus is free, the online institution will most likely not want to give it to one player many times. If you fulfill all the requirements for wagering and decide to withdraw your winnings, then the casino will necessarily ask for photocopies of documents proving the identity. If you register your account under the name John Smith, although they are not, then you can not withdraw funds.

Institutions are sometimes very strict and the only way to protect yourself is to enter your real name when registering and accept the fact that you will not be able to get the registration bonus again.

Since the bonus with withdrawal without replenishment is a free loan, then, as in the case of a loan, you will have to return the bonus, not just once, but several times. Only after returning you will get the opportunity to withdraw your money. The deposit-free bonuses have rather high conditions for wagering – often the online casino asks to win back the bonus in slot machines up to 100 times. That is, if you were given a bonus of $ 10, then to fulfill the requirements you will need to put 1000 spins worth $ 1 each. Pay attention to the fact that you can not play bonuses in all casino games. Moreover, not all have identical requirements for wagering. For example, you can often play blackjack, or you can only make 5% of the bet. In this case, you have to play 20 times more than on slots.

As for casino spins, the winnings received with their help are usually summed up. When you finish the game, you will have to win back the total winnings. That is, if you won $ 3.69, playing on 10 free spins in the Starburst gaming machine, then if you take into account the requirements for wagering in the amount of 50 times, you will spend more than $ 184.50 to play this bonus.

If you fulfill all the requirements, you will lose more than half of the free bonuses. However, if you are lucky and you will be able to win back all the bonuses, then check out the LIMITS OF CONCLUSION .So, if the total amount exceeds $ 500, then the institution will allow you to withdraw at a time not more than 50-100 dollars.

There is one more rule. We will talk about the maximum rate . If the casino has the maximum bet size in bonus games, then it is not recommended to exceed it, otherwise the casino will have an excuse to refuse to give you the winnings. Many casinos are not even afraid to refuse. Keep in mind also the fact that this rule is not the only trick of institutions, so before accepting any bonuses, we advise you to carefully read the conditions of their receipt and use on the site of the institution in the corresponding section.

The last condition put forward by many mobile online casinos – before you send a request for cashing out a bonus, you must make a deposit. We believe that in this way the institution experiences players.But be vigilant, as many online casinos can deceive you, for example, make you play after “confirming the deposit.” Do not be lazy to clarify this question with the administration of the institution in the online chat, to be sure that the casino terms were understood by you correctly. We recommend that you keep the correspondence.

Can I win in real slots without risk for my money?

Yes, you can.

Many online casinos are very responsible for their stocks, as they value their name. We are also quite strict in assessing institutions, especially those that do not hold back their word.

The maximum winnings are often limited, and $ 50 is too small a sum to put your reputation in doubt.

How does the casino earn on no-deposit bonuses?

The answer is simple: no way.

If we talk about the benefits, then no deposit bonuses in any way affect the income of the casino. With their help, the online casino just attracts newcomers who later talk about their establishment to other potential players. In addition, some of them are so drawn into games that they start playing for real money.

The outcome of the game depends not only on the actions of the player, but also on what country he is from. For example, players from Western Europe most often fall into the online casino quite by accident. As a rule, having played on the bets, they make a small deposit and continue the game. But players from Russia and Eastern Europe are considered the most “hunters” for bonuses (bonus hunters) who want to get easy money without sacrificing anything. That’s why many casinos do not give bonuses to players from these countries.

Although used to play for large sums, 10 free spins worth only $ 0.10 for each are not interesting, no deposit bonuses help the casino to attract casual players, and in the future these bonuses necessarily bring in revenue.

Can I get a registration bonus many times?

No impossible.

Every casino has a very strict bonus policy. Any attempt to deceive the institution does not end well. To begin with, we advise you to register under the real name, as in the passport.

  • If you do not confirm your identity, you will be refused payment
  • If you register several times from the same IP address, you will be denied the withdrawal of funds
  • If you make a mistake or intentionally enter at least one wrong letter in the name, you will not get your money

Our advice: do not try to deceive the casino. Institutions pay for the given free backs to providers, so if you try to traverse it around your finger, then only hurt yourself. The case can reach the point that the institution will exclude players from your country from the list of countries participating in bonus promotions. And players who do not hunt for bonuses and just want to play for money, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the list of bonuses for the first deposit .

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