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Times have changed: the mechanical slot machines are replaced with high-tech electronic devices or even moving into the Internet in the form of innovative software products, working according to clear rules.

The risk of being cheated gambling are minimized and within the limits permitted by the regulator. Players, helping to get the win, also not work, an impartial random number generator gives unpredictable results.

Is it possible to beat the casino? The answer lies not in the abundance of bonus features and sky-high multipliers and one modest indicator referred every self-respecting developer of gaming software in the technical specifications, – RTP of the slots.


RTP (RTP) is the percentage of the payout to the player recorded by the developer in a particular slot.
This term is an abbreviation of the English “Return to Player”.

Indicator RTP demonstrates a clear proportion, indicating the percentage ratio between the winnings of the player and the casino. If the technical characteristics specified RTP of 95%, it receives as much from the players total bet. Casino gets a guaranteed 5%.

This does not mean that the specific dollar you will receive a payout of 95 cents. You can hit the jackpot after two spins or a long wait for the promised prize, spending money on the rates. The reason for that variance is one of the objective properties of the random number generator. Indicator RTP it takes into account and works in the long term – you need to make thousands of spins to determine the truthfulness of the promised interest.


The payout percentage in a slot machine depends on the requirements of the regulator of a particular country and a mathematical model used by the developer. Any action in the slot – the bonus levels, jackpots, etc. – conform to a particular scenario with a given RTP.

No one will give a license to a slot machine, if it has low interest payments, not the minimum requirements. This figure ranges from 80 to 95% depending on the country. For example, in Russia the figure should be at least 90%, in Australia – not less than 85%.

Company specializing in the production of game software for casinos adhere to the established rules. Some developers create slots with the same RTP, other calculate the payout for a particular slot machine. For example, products of Software or Amatic Industries almost always has a 96% payout, and NetEnt or BetSoft figure may vary from 91 to 97% and above.


This question interests the people most. The change of these indicators is virtually eliminated, as RTP is laid in code by the developer. Not, of course, to eliminate hacking a computer genius and code changes, but the probability of these actions is reduced to zero because of the complexity of the process.


When selecting the gambling software for its gambling establishments determine not only an indicator of RTP, but the variance of the slots. These indicators are interrelated and ultimately affect the profitability of your business.

There are slot machines with different variance:

  • low slot, where almost every be small winnings;
  • high – slot, where wins are scarce, but with large coefficients.

Machines with low variance beckon frequency of winnings, create the impression of luck, and with high – draw sizes of cash prizes and the prospect to get more. The result – the player, have delayed any slot for a long time and leaves in a gambling establishment their savings, increasing profits of the casino each spin.

According to specialists, machines with a low dispersion usually have a high payout percentage. The gambler will receive frequent, small prizes and a long time to be online, but in the end will benefit gambling establishment. By the way, among the players there is a perception that low-dispersion machines should play max bet, and this is another argument in favor of the installation of such slots.

Updated: December 9, 2018 — 9:09 pm

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