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Rating casinos 2019

Rating of the best online casinos in 2018 for money

Gambling is inextricably linked to financial risks, but these risks increase somewhat when playing online casinos (compared to ground-based). At the same time, different kinds of risks can increase even more if irresponsible approach to choosing sites for spinning the reels of gambling machines , making roulette bets, blackjack, etc. If you want to start playing online casino for real money , then you simply have to initially learn about the sites of gaming clubs where you plan to entertain (bet).

Like any other popular niche, the online gambling sphere does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Over the past few years, the online gambling market has evolved and undergone significant changes: new brands appear almost every day, and competition for potential customers is just off scale. Almost every one of them is ready to offer customers not only bonuses for account replenishment , no deposit bonus for registration , but also a wide selection of games from many famous software developers. This is all, of course, great for users, but there is quite a logical question: ” how in all this variety of brands to make the right choice?”. If you start to read real reviews of players , then you can spend more than one day searching for the best, safe, reliable and honest online casino with good returns. To save time, online casino ratings will come to your aid.

If you want your pastime in an online casino to be as honest and transparent as possible, you simply have to register exclusively with licensed virtual gambling establishments with high ratings from independent sites like ours.


Rating of honest online casinos for money

Probably, studying the top casino ratings on different sites, you could notice one interesting feature: one and the same gambling institution may either be absent altogether, or have a cardinally opposite rating / rating on different sites . Why does this happen? The fact is that a number of online casinos deliberately create specialized websites, where they try to put their brands on the first lines in various kinds of lists. As a rule, in the market of USA, UK, Australia, Canada in such lists will be presented “script” brands.

Even at the present stage of the development of the Internet and the sphere of online gambling in particular, fraudulent (or even fraudulent) gaming sites are found that often pursue only one goal – to cash in on inexperienced clients. Unfairness lies in the fact that they provide games with unrecognized percentages of recoil (copies of the original gaming machines or, as they are still called, “fakes”), although they can regularly pay their winnings. This is especially true for the online gambling market in USA and CIS countries, where scripted brands with fake games from leading providers are not bad at all (most often they are brands under the names of Vulkan, GMS Deluxe, Pharaoh, Eldorado, Maxbet, Admiral, Super Slots, All-in, GMSlots, Lottor, etc.).

The situation with our online casino rating for real money is fundamentally the opposite: we evaluate the brands of gambling operators on the basis of objective criteria. Our final ratings are based on feedback from players, as well as on information from other authoritative sites and forums. We have done a tremendous job, ranking the top best online casinos , so you can rest assured that here are really worthy (reliable) gambling establishments that take care of their players, provide them with the best licensed software, gaming experience and service. After reading this section, you will learn:

  • Who can get in the rating of the top best online casino ;
  • What factors affect the hit in this list;
  • Where to find the rating of the best online casino of 2018 and much more.

In addition, at the very top of this section you will find the rating of the best online casinos, which we made up specially for you. However, before you go on to study it, we recommend that you read more detailed information on the topic.

For whom will this section be useful?

Due to the wide variety of online casinos, as well as the regular appearance of new ones, players are often lost and do not know which one to choose. Since we are talking about playing for real money, and not for candy wrappers, many try to approach this issue as seriously as possible. But there is one “but”: the independent study and analysis of all online casinos will take a lot of time and effort. In addition, the knowledge of the average user may not be enough to separate the “flies from cutlets”, i.e. fraudulent brands from conscientious.

The target audience of this section is:

  • Beginner players;
  • Existing clients of gambling operators who plan to change or try to play on another site.

If you belong to one of the above categories of users or just look for reliable and popular online casinos with high ratings, then you were at the right time in the right place: in this section you will find a lot of online casinos that showed high interest returns, and also earned an excellent reputation.

Top 10 Online Casino for Real Money 2018

Before moving on to the very essence of the question, let’s take a look at the subject a little. To begin with, it is necessary to understand that in general they represent the ratings of online casinos and what is the use of them? Let’s start, perhaps, with the definition:

The rating of online casinos is a numerical indicator that reflects the importance or importance of a virtual gambling establishment. It is built according to a certain rating algorithm or a ranking scale.

The list of such virtual gambling clubs, sorted according to the ranking scale, is often called “top”, for example, ” the top 10 best online casino rating for money “.

As we noted earlier, in the online gambling industry there is a fierce competition, as a result of which every operator is forced to literally jump above his own head. All this translates into the fact that the team of marketers are working on creating new unique shares, profitable bonuses and interesting loyalty programs … in order to increase the attractiveness of their brands for users.

Like any other site on the Internet, official online casino sites have their own ratings of attendance, popularity and reliability. These and other qualities form a general picture of the gambling establishment, according to which it is eventually evaluated.

The rating presented on our website is the result of fruitful and painstaking work, during which we collected and analyzed large amounts of information on each of the virtual gambling clubs. This list is formed by analysts who regularly check and update, monitoring the relevance of information. Only the most high-quality, reliable and popular Internet casinos, proven by time, come to it . Just note that all online casinos offered in our rating, guarantee an honest, unpredictable, and most importantly – a secure gameplay .

Top 10 online casinos – the best rating in our opinion

In order that you do not resort to the trial and error method when searching for a new institution for the game, we have compiled for you the rating of the top online casinos with a good reputation , where the best representatives of the industry are gathered today. They are on this list not for “beautiful eyes”, but due to the combination of many factors.

Top-10, top-20 and even top-50 is not just a collection of random online casinos, but a specially compiled list of a certain number of the best gambling establishments to date. By the way, at formation not only our opinion is considered, but also the opinion of users, because they write reviews based on personal experience.

What do the top best casino ratings show?

The rating system itself first appeared more than a hundred years ago. In the late 19th century, in the United States of America, they were used to assess financial stability and creditworthiness exclusively for employees of banks and traders on exchanges, but later entered many spheres of life and ordinary consumers. Not surprisingly, the ratings have reached the online casino (although in this case they are not special companies, but site administrators based on certain criteria).

So, what specific information is displayed by the ratings of online casinos :

  • The degree of popularity, reliability and security of a gambling establishment;
  • Evaluation of the attractiveness of the brand and its credibility on the part of the players;

In general, ratings can be compiled for any particular aspect of the casino, whether it is the speed of payment, the minimum and maximum amounts of payments / deposits, the number of games / providers and the like. By the way, below, we just made our small classification.

Classification and examples of ratings of online casinos

Internet casinos, depending on the rating, can be classified according to a number of parameters:

  • Rating of the casino by reputation and reviews . For any self-respecting gambling operator, reputation is extremely important, as well as the presence of positive feedback and high ratings (ratings) from real clients. Without them, the work of the gambling establishment will not give the proper result, because the opinion of gamblers on this or that online casino is often based solely on the feedback of other customers or on the basis of discussions on thematic forums / blogs;
  • Rating of the casino on payments . Such ratings contain only those that hold the fastest Cacheouts. It is compiled on the basis of information received directly from users (most often on the basis of all the same feedback and discussions);
  • The rating of the casino by honesty . Games on licensed sites will always give exceptionally honest results, which nobody can manipulate.Therefore, in the case of licensed online casinos, ratings of honesty are most often based also on customer feedback. Most often, honesty is taken into account here regarding shares, bonuses, payments, support services, and compliance with these criteria;
  • The rating of the casino on the return . Licensed games have a certain percentage of return (return of made bets), which varies between 92% -99%. In general, this is the least objective indicator, because at a long distance all casinos that work with games of the same suppliers will have the same indicators on the return and, accordingly, will have the same ratings on the return;
  • Rating of casinos by reliability . This includes gambling clubs that have licenses, as well as additional certificates of inspections by independent laboratories (iTechLabs or TST). As a rule, these are popular Russian or foreign brands that have been operating in the market for several years. In addition, the reliability of the software and the work of the site is evaluated (so that the games do not fly out and do not “lag”).Reliable casinos always pay their winnings and quickly enough.

Who gets into our online casino rating?

In order to get into the rating of the best online casinos on our website, the gambling club must correspond to a certain qualitative level – to have certain features, which we will discuss below. In addition, each institution in this section has a detailed overview, descriptions of shares and bonuses, and many other useful information.

If you suddenly notice something is amiss, you can always write a review or comment so that other clients know only true and up-to-date information.

So, in this list you will find:

Licensed online casino

When making a casino rating for money, we first of all draw attention to the availability of a valid license, since this criterion is one of the most important when choosing a place for playing for real money. A license is a work permit in the jurisdiction of a specific state issued by the Gambling Commission of that state. As a rule, information about the license can be found at the very bottom of the main page of the official website of the online casino.

The availability of the license guarantees to the client that all games (slot machines, roulette, blackjack, video poker, etc., etc.) are fully certified and safe. This, in turn, indicates that each user has the same chance of winning, because the results are completely random.

Online casino with high returns

The phrase “high returns” or “good returns” means a high percentage of return rates of a particular game / video slot. On average, this value varies from 93% to 97%, depending on the variety of the game and the provider.

Well dug around on the Internet, you, for sure, will be able to find a separate rating of the casino’s return, but in our case it makes no sense. The fact is that all the casinos from our list have a high enough return, so making them a separate top is a waste of time. Thus, if you are looking for a top ranking casino with a good return, we recommend that you refer to the list at the very beginning of the material.


Online casino with stable payments

If you have already studied the casino and even play it for real money, then you, for sure, will be concerned about the possibility of withdrawing winnings. Judging by the fact that on the Internet there are a huge number of queries such as ” rating of online casino for payments “, players really care about this issue. That is why, when composing our top, we took into account this moment and added only those brands that are checked by time and thousands of other players, and also do not delay payments and spend them quickly enough.

In general, if you are looking for a casino rating for payouts, you will also be helped by our top at the very top of the section.

The factors that affect the ranking of the best casinos

As we noted in the information above, when registering and playing in an online casino, you must be sure of its honesty and impartiality, solvency, security and availability of a license. In fact, the list of qualities / parameters / criteria is much longer, but we will try to reveal the most significant of them.

Below we list the factors that most influenced the hit in our rating of those casinos that are present in it. Having become acquainted with the list of these factors, you will know that all the establishments in our top are in full compliance with them.

  • The speed of the withdrawal of money, as well as the availability of necessary input / output methods . A key parameter that many users are guided by. Agree, no one wants to get a big win and lose it just because the casino does not withdraw money after 18:00. It is also important that users from any region without problems can replenish the account and withdraw the winnings in a convenient way for them.
  • The presence of negative feedback and claims . The second most important indicator. If the complaints to users regularly appear on the Internet casino (on various aspects), it means only that they have something to work on. Hence, the big ratings are inappropriate here.
  • Bonus policy . Promotions should not end after the first deposit. Each client should be able to choose whether to use bonuses or not.
  • A variety of games / providers . In order for the online casino to be truly popular, it must offer its customers a wide range of entertainment. And it’s not enough just to add a lot of slots – you must try to satisfy the gambling desires of as many customers as possible.
  • Quality of the support service . Highly qualified employees of the support service of players – one of the most important factors, because they are the link between the client and the casino itself. In addition, in addition to demonstrating competence in all matters, it is extremely important to be courteous in communicating with clients.
  • The quality and simplicity of the site . Of course, the taste preferences of the clients are different, but the site should be simple and clear.There are many examples when a casino tried to experiment, and eventually lost customers because of bad and uncomfortable navigation.
  • Simplicity and high speed of verification . Everyone knows that for the first withdrawal of funds the user must provide a support scanner or passport photo. In some casinos, this process takes several hours, and in some, a few days. Naturally, customers express dissatisfaction with long-term verification, which is reflected in the further popularity of the resource. From this it follows that for the successful operation of the casino, it is necessary to ensure rapid verification of the account.

When compiling our rating, we checked each institution for the above factors. Therefore, you can choose one of them with a calm heart, and start the game.

How do the reviews and rating of the casino compare?

Any rating is formed based on reviews of real players who provide an excellent opportunity to look at the institution from the outside (through the eyes of the client) and see the most realistic picture. After all, even the most honest casino is inclined to embellish their services (as they say, you will not praise yourself – nobody will praise), and ratings should be as true as possible.

When making the ratings of the casino, we took into account customer feedback for each of the establishments left on our website. In addition, we analyze information on major information sites, monitor customer complaints, as well as the speed with which they are resolved by the online casino administration. Thanks to the players who were not too lazy to leave feedback about the work of this or that casino, this operator either took its place in the top sheet, or vice versa – lost it.

Many institutions, instead of abandoning all efforts to attract customers, try to concentrate resources on providing the best gaming experience to existing users. Thus, as a result of the work of “word of mouth”, such institutions receive their clientele and work quite successfully.

Thus, we can say that the ratings and reviews on the online casino are one.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the topic:

Is the most visited online casino the most rated and reliable?

Summing up the aforesaid

In the ranking we compiled, you will find the most famous and popular casinos around the world. In other words, in it we concentrated all the best that today is in the world of online gambling. Throughout the selection process, we adhered to strict criteria, placing first and foremost the comfort and safety of players.

It may well be that in the list you will find similar online casinos, with similar shares, a set of games, loyalty programs. This may be due to the fact that they have a common owner, and from the case, because gambling institutions today are much more than suppliers.

In general, we have done our work to ensure that every player can get the most reliable information about the current state of affairs in the world of online gambling, determine the online casino, which today can be given preference and got the maximum pleasure from the game.

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