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Online Gambling Regulations In Canada

In Canada, there are laws in regards to casinos and online gambling. This can vary through the provinces as well as in the Indian territories.

During 2009, a professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business suggested that gamblers are using websites offshore more frequently and it is causing more people to get hooked on gambling. As a result of this, the country has begun trying to safeguard the problem through better age checks online as well as by setting financial limits. slots free with bonus

The Criminal Code in Canada currently states that online gambling is illegal unless it is run by one of the provincial lottery agencies. These agencies are the same companies that offer scratch-tickets, horse racing and other forms of gambling online for those who wish to gamble. With the provincial lottery agencies offering forms of online casinos and games, it is allowing more Canadians to play.

Ticket lotteries and other forms of gambling are legal in all of the provinces. However, in the territories of Labrador, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Newfoundland, casino-style games are prohibited. This would include the use of online casinos.

Currently, online gambling is experiencing the same problems. It is being legalized in some parts of the country and not others. In the Kahnawake jurisdiction within the Mohawk reserve, the Indians are hosting and licensing online casinos because they fall under “aboriginal rights.” As a result, those in this jurisdiction are given more options in terms of online casinos.

As for all of the other casinos online, including those offshore, it is a grey area that legislation has not yet delved into. The law prohibits Canadian residents to gamble at Canadian sites if it is not legal in their jurisdiction, such as New Brunswick. However, there is no law in place to say that they are not able to place a bet at another offshore casino. There are online casinos that will accept Canadian dollars, making it easier for Canadians to place a bet.

Some countries have actually blocked online casinos from their residents. Canada has not gone this far. While the provincial lottery agencies are beginning to offer more options, they are still not offering to the level of other offshore companies – which is why many residents are looking elsewhere in order to play their online poker, roulette, blackjack and mobile slots, amongst other games.

The country is continuously changing their gambling laws throughout the provinces. They have recognized a need to manage online gambling and recognize it as a source of revenue but have not determined how best to accomplish this goal.

Become more educated on online gaming regulations, changes and options in Canada by reading <em>THE OPTIONS FOR INTERNET GAMBLING IN CANADA</em> by Justin Rex and David J. Jackson of Bowling Green State University. You can find their free PDF here: [PDF]

Updated: December 2, 2018 — 5:20 pm

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