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Online gambling regulations in Australia are rapidly changing. In short, Australians are able to partake in gambling anywhere in the country, including online and offline casinos. In 2001, there was the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) passed, which served as framework to make it an offense for certain interactive gambling services to be provided to a customer who is physically present in Australia. slots free with bonus

Interactive gambling commonly refers to online casinos. It is not illegal for a person to gamble in an online casino but it is illegal for a company to offer an online casino, unless they were existing online casino operators prior to 2001 and they were grandfathered in. One example of this was Lasseters Online, which remained open until 2008.

Due to IGA, foreign operators are able to offer services to Australians. While it may be considered illegal in Australian law, these foreign operators do not fall under Australian legislation.

Additionally, online lotteries and sports wagering is legal as long as there is an association with a land-based business. This allows bookmakers and lottery providers in Australia to offer their products over the Internet as long as they are licensed.

The Interactive Gambling Act prohibits the games of chance or a mix of chance and skill, such as roulette, poker, blackjack and other casino games.

Further, the IGA is designed to prevent companies from offering a product as opposed to penalizing the individuals who partake in the services. The IGA is currently designed to cover those people only in Australia. The Minister has the ability to prohibit the services to those in a designated country, however there are no foreign countries currently listed under this provision.

In order for a foreign country to be added to a designated country, the government of the country would have to request the Minister to provide a designation. The country would also have to have legislation in place that corresponds with the offenses of the IGA.

Online gambling is becoming more popular, particularly in Australia where there is a significant amount of casinos in the country. Slot machines and other casino machines are found in nightclubs and bars throughout the country, not just in casinos. This has led to gambling being more popular, which is why online gambling regulations have been established to begin with.

While online gambling is not illegal, online casinos of skill and chance are. This does not stop individuals from playing in them, however. There is no offense for those who play in the casinos and even those casinos that operate offshore of Australia have been able to offer gambling products with no repercussions.

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Updated: December 2, 2018 — 5:20 pm

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