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No deposit casino bonus codes

No deposit casino bonus codes for existing players

No deposit casino bonuses for existing players.

People who are somehow familiar with the online gambling industry know that no deposit bonuses are one of the most enjoyable and attractive types of promotion. Since the number of online casinos that are ready to provide new customers with no deposit bonuses for registration (whether free spins without a deposit or real money on the account) is limited, more and more users begin to look at those in which not only new, but also existing Customers can receive no deposit bonuses.

In this section, we will focus on offers from online casinos for no deposit bonuses for existing players. After reading the material below, you will learn:

  • What are no deposit bonuses for existing players;
  • What are the varieties of this kind of rewards;
  • Where to find a list of reliable online casinos that distribute no deposit bonuses to existing / registered customers;
  • How to get and use no deposit bonuses for active clients;
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as some other useful information on the topic.

So now let’s talk about everything in order.

Casino bonuses without deposit for registered customers

Before proceeding to the consideration of the nuances and features of no deposit bonuses for existing players in online casinos, let’s find out who falls under the concept of “current / existing player.” slots free with bonus

Existing customers are fans of online gambling, which are located in the client base of the gaming operator, i.e. have an active (registered) account for playing for real money

In order for a user account to be assigned to an existing one, it is not necessary to replenish its balance with real money – simply confirm the registration by clicking on a special link (sent via e-mail). In other words, any fan of gambling in relation to a particular online casino can be either a new (potential) or existing (registered) client. If you have already registered at a certain online casino, then you are its current player (regardless of whether you made real money deposits or bets in gambling).

Also let’s remember what no deposit bonuses in online casinos are:

No deposit bonus is a certain amount of money, or free spins, which is issued without the need to replenish the account balance with real money (but the user must fulfill some pre-set conditions).

Thus, combining these two definitions, we get:

No deposit bonuses for existing online casino players are free money or free spins, which are credited to already registered customers without the need to replenish your account with real money after certain conditions have been met.

No deposit bonuses for existing players

No deposit bonuses for existing customers are most often issued in the same varieties as for new ones:

  • In the form of no deposit free spins.
  • In the form of free money to the account.

The difference between offers for new and existing customers lies in the conditions of their provision, as well as in the amount of bonuses themselves. So, if the size of no deposit bonuses for registration, as a rule, average $ 20 or about 25 free spins, then bonuses for existing players can reach impressive sizes up to $ 500 or several hundred free spins. Most often, those and others are issued on mobile slot machines.

Registered customers have several ways to get a bonus without a deposit. The most common among them are the following:

  • No deposit bonuses for inviting a friend are probably one of the most common. Their essence lies in the fact that you first register at an online casino; then send a special link to your friend / friend (you can find it in your profile on the official website of the gambling operator); then a friend / acquaintance must register for it. After a friend invited by this way replenishes an account with a certain amount, you will receive a reward / gift in the form of real money to the account;
  • No-deposit birthday bonuses are also quite common in the field of online gambling. Their essence is simple – some time before (most often, a week), or after (often, this is also one week) birthday, the user can contact the support service and ask him to activate an exclusive no deposit bonus (gift) for him. Some online casinos give out this kind of gifts automatically. As a rule, to activate a birthday present, users must have deposit and real-money deposit history, as well as a verified account (documents confirming the date of birth have been sent to the security service). The size of a no deposit bonus on a birthday, as a rule, depends on the status and number of deposits and can vary from $ 5 to $ 500.
  • No deposit bonuses within the loyalty program can be issued only if they are provided for by the VIP loyalty program of a particular casino. They work most often as follows: when a certain level is reached, the player is rewarded with free spins, or a small amount of money;
  • Only those who prefer to subscribe to newsletters from a casino can receive non-deposit bonuses in the framework of an advertising newsletter and study them thoroughly. This happens infrequently, but nevertheless, some gambling establishments make mailings to all (or selected) existing customers with an offer to receive free money or spins without a deposit. As a rule, to activate it, you only need to click on a special link in the letter. Thus, the casino is trying to “activate” the players who have not played for a long time on their website for real money in order to re-awaken their interest in the game.

Of course, we have listed far from all types of no deposit bonuses for those who are already casino users, however, we tried to recall the most common ones.

Conditions for receiving and wagering no deposit bonuses for existing players

Despite the variety of no deposit bonuses for registered users, most of them have the same or similar terms and conditions. Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most frequently encountered of them.

First of all, it should be understood that getting a no deposit bonus does not oblige you to anything. After losing this money, you will not have to stay neither casino nor anyone else. So play, enjoy and fear nothing.

In order to receive free money / spins for existing players, as well as the subsequent withdrawal of winnings obtained with their help, your account must be verified. Most often, you will need the history of deposits: for the entire existence of the account, you must have at least one deposit.

If you are lucky and you win a certain amount of money, you will probably want to withdraw it. In 99% of cases, this will need to fulfill the wager conditions. The system consists in the fact that you have to play the entire amount of winnings a number of times that the operator sets. If you try to withdraw funds before you play them, then the entire amount will be canceled. By the way, online casinos with bonuses without a wager are gaining popularity lately.

No deposit bonus codes for existing players

Separately, we want to focus on one of the extremely important conditions for receiving no deposit bonuses in online casinos by existing players: promo / bonus codes. Often, various kinds of gifts are activated only as a result of activation using special bonus codes.

A promotional code is an alphanumeric set consisting of 3-6 characters. By specifying it in your personal account or in live chat, you can get the coveted bonus without a deposit in the form of free spins or real money.

List of casinos with no deposit bonus for registered users

If you are already interested in online casinos that give bonuses without deposit to existing customers, we recommend that you carefully study this section. Especially so that you do not spend a lot of time searching for information, we have compiled a list of high-rated online casinos that distribute bonuses without a deposit to registered players.

After studying this list, you will find many interesting offers from popular and reliable online casinos. For each of these gambling establishments, we wrote a review in which you can find instructions, descriptions of stocks, ratings and reviews from real players. Thus, you can make a full impression about each of the institutions we have proposed.

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