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No deposit casino Bitcoin

If you have a strong desire to play one of the crypto currencies, but you have not decided yet with a virtual gambling establishment, we recommend that you find a Bitcoin casino with no deposit bonus, in order to “test the soil”.

Bitcoin casino without attachments

Gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment for people around the world. Every day, not only the number of online casinos for real money grows, but also new users who register in them. This trend leads to increased competition among online gambling operators. As a result, each of them makes maximum efforts to be at least as good as competitors in terms of the level of service, the number of methods of money entry / withdrawal, available entertainment and, of course, promotional offers. One of the competitive advantages that can now influence the choice of a particular place for the game is the ability to make financial transactions with Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin (abbreviated – BTC, Russian – Bitcoin)? Speaking in simple language, this is the first and, perhaps, the most famous crypto currency, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Its name comes from the fusion of two English words: bit – a virtual minimum unit of computer memory and coin – a coin. Thus, Bitcoin can be translated as a “virtual coin”.

1 Bitcoin is divided into 100 million parts – Satoshi. Satoshi (from English Satoshi) is the lowest possible amount in Bitcoins, which was named after Satoshi Nakamoto, one of the creators of crypto currency. Many people call crypto currency in the money of the new millennium, since the principle of their work is fundamentally different from both state financial systems (banks) and electronic payment services ( QIWI , Yandex.Money , WebMoney , PayPal, etc.).

Online casinos that perform operations on entering / withdrawing money using this crypto currency, have received the name Bitcoin casino . And those of them that give customers the opportunity to start playing for real money for free without investing their own funds, were called depositless Bitcoin casino . It is about them that will be discussed in this article.

No deposit bonus in Bitcoin Casino

As practice shows, most online casinos focus on providing their customers with profitable deposit bonuses , but in the struggle for new customers, many of them start offering “non-traditional” incentives. Among the most popular of them are no deposit bonuses , which are issued absolutely free of charge immediately after registration of the account.

Recently, the number of virtual gambling establishments that are beginning to accept crypto-currencies as methods of input / output of money is growing rapidly. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that Bitcoin Casino also appeared with no deposit bonuses that give players the opportunity to play for real money without having to replenish the account. They immediately began to be popular with lovers of excitement, because few can refuse the opportunity to win a certain number of Bitcoins (Satoshi), which can then be withdrawn (sometimes even without the need to verify the identity, phone number or bank card number) or use for further games.

Varieties of no deposit bonuses in Bitcoin casino

No deposit bonus in Bitcoin Casino can be issued in the following ways:

  • New players for account registration in order to stimulate the creation of an account . In this case, the user receives a certain amount of frisin, money or Bitcoin for registration on the official website of a virtual gambling establishment. In rare cases, you will need to activate a no deposit bonus code or confirm your identity / phone number / attach a bank card. Example: “Register now and get 50 mBTC or 25 free spins”;
  • New and existing players in the framework of certain actions . Most often these gifts are given in honor of the release of new games. The release of a new slot is an ideal time to search for no deposit bonuses for new and existing customers. Example: “Get 100 mBTC for free in a new slot” ;
  • Existing players within the VIP loyalty program . The most striking examples are a birthday present or a gift for raising the level.

In addition, all of the deposit-free bonuses in Bitcoin casino can be divided into several types:

  • In the form of frisin
  • In the form of real money
  • In the form of a certain amount of crypto currency (Bitkoinov, Satoshi)

The first two species are found most often and information about them is more than enough. And the last of them we will tell a little more in the section below.

Bitcoin Casino with free Bitcoins

Of all the variety of offers, the most rarely found are exactly no deposit bonuses for registration in the form of free Bitcoins (Satoshi) or any other crypto-currencies (Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, NEO, IOTA, Zcash, etc.).

Offers from online casinos in the form of free Bitcoins for registration are no different from “zero-sums” in the form of real money, except that they are issued in the crypto currency. In most cases, immediately after registration, a certain amount of Satoshi will be credited to your account, which you can use to bet in various games. In rare cases, the enrollment will take some time and / or you will be required to confirm the phone number / identity / bind the data of the bank card.

Dimensions of no deposit bonuses in Bitcoins, as a rule, range from several Satoshi (for example, 0.25 μBTC) to 250 mBTC .

Find such current offers in this section. We regularly monitor the appearance of new deposit-free bonuses in the form of Bitcoins and add this information to the table above. Therefore, do not forget to visit our site, so as not to miss the opportunity to start playing casino at Bitcoins completely free of charge without replenishing the account .

No deposit bonus codes in Bitcoin Casino

Some online casinos often issue no deposit bonuses in Bitcoins / money / frisinas only after specifying special no deposit bonus codes / promotional codes. The main purpose of such promo codes is to automate the process of determining the size and type of gift that the player relies on. First of all, this is done to unload the support service of players.

It is important not to forget to specify such a code when you register (or after it) when it is needed. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to receive a no deposit bonus in Bitcoin Casino .

In the list above, not only are the bonus offers themselves, but also information about which promotional codes should be entered to receive them.

List of Bitcoin casinos with no deposit bonus for registration

The search for the most favorable offers for a free game can take you several hours, and in the end it turns out that the information on this or that site was incorrect, and you are not entitled to a bonus. In order not to get into a mess, we recommend you refer to the table above, because specially for you we have compiled a list of reliable online casinos that not only accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Darkcoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Reddcoin, Novacoin , Zcash and other crypto-currencies, but also are ready to provide no-deposit bonuses to their new and existing users.

We did our best to assemble the most reliable and popular casinos hosting Bitcoin, where you can get no deposit bonuses for registration. Look at the list above – for sure in it you will find something that is just for you, because there are not only public, new, but exclusive deposit-free BTC bonuses in Bitcoin casino .

Even if for some reason you can not find a suitable Bitcoin Casino with a bonus without attachments (for example, you previously registered in all the institutions represented in this section), do not be discouraged, but just visit our site more often. Bitcoin traffic is still relatively young, which means that the list of gambling operators that will accept crypto currencies will grow every day. Visiting our site, you will be aware of the latest current offers for a free game.

How to play and withdraw the bonus

In order to withdraw the winnings received as a result of the game for free Satoshi / frisin / money, you must first perform a wage condition. Value of the wager each virtual gambling establishment establishes independently. Most often, the size of the wager varies from x30 to x45. What does this even mean? Consider a simple example: you registered in Bitcoin casino and received 100 mBTC without a deposit with a wagger in the amount of x30. In order to be able to withdraw these 100 mBTC, as well as the wins received with their help, you must first make bets for a total of 3 BTC (100 mBTC x 30).

At the same time, in recent times, so-called no deposit no wager bonus offers are increasingly encountered.

The basic rules for obtaining the use of no deposit bonuses in Bitcoin casino

In addition to the wage terms, online casinos also set a number of other rules and conditions for zero-dimes. Below we will consider the most popular and common rules that you will most likely encounter when playing Bitcoin Casino with no deposit bonuses:

  • Limitations on the maximum win and withdrawal of funds (for example, not more than $ 50);
  • Restrictions on the time of use. For example, you will need to use free spins or free money within 7 days of creating the account, and also perform wagering terms for the next 3 days.
  • Free bonus offers are available no more than once per one IP-address / e-mail address / phone number / computer / residential address, etc.
  • Most often for the withdrawal of wins the player will have to replenish the account and verify the account;
  • The received free spins / money / Satoshi for registration can be used only in those games that are specified in the rules and conditions. For example, you can get 20 free spins on a certain video slot (say, on Platinum Lightning or Slotomon Go from SoftSwiss) or 50 mBTC for any games, including blackjack and roulette;

Please note that above we have listed only the main (or, we can say, the most common) conditions that online casinos attach to such kind of bonus offers. Failure to comply with at least one of the conditions may lead to the fact that the received money / friskin / Bitcoins, as well as all the gains received with their help, will be canceled. Therefore, be attentive to the study of rules and conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing Bitcoin casino without attachments

Despite the fact that such offers are offered absolutely free of charge, they can have not only advantages, but also drawbacks. As practice shows, wherever the word “free” occurs, there are “pitfalls”.


  • No need to replenish account . Thus, you can play gambling for money without risk losing your savings using free money / frisin / crypto-coins.
  • The ability to assess the stability of the casino, as well as its portfolio of entertainment . If your expectations are justified, you can make a deposit and start playing for real money. If they do not come true, you will simply forget about it as a terrible dream.
  • Despite the existence of various rules and conditions, to win back and withdraw the winnings is still real . This moment makes no deposit offers from Bitcoin casinos even more profitable.


  • Limit on winnings . Let’s say you got free spins or some amount of money. Luck was on your side, and you managed to win $ 200. You leave a request for cash games, but here it turns out that the maximum possible winnings amount according to the rules of this bonus offer is $ 20. Not the most pleasant situation;
  • Even in order to withdraw the remaining $ 20, you will need to fulfill the wager terms by placing the entire amount of the bonus or winnings from the frisina from 25 to 50 times (depending on the rules of the particular casino).
  • After fulfilling the conditions for wagering you will have one more “surprise” – the need to deposit at least one deposit to verify your account and find out how to withdraw the winnings. Therefore, be ready to replenish the account, if you want to get the winnings you put.

Now that you have received complete information about the Bitcoin casino game without attachments, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, it’s time to test them in action and extract as much advantage as possible from them. Well, if you still have questions, please refer to the section below (with answers to the most frequently asked questions).

FAQ on bets in BTC

How popular are crypto-casinos with free spins / money / Bitcoins without a deposit?

Bezdepy in crypto currency is quite popular today due to the popularity of the crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, Dash, etc.).More and more casinos add opportunities to play in crypto-currencies. Accordingly, the number of offers for a free game increases. As they say, demand forms a proposal.

In what games can I play, using a no deposit bonus in the form of Bitcoins?

Here it should be noted that not all providers allow to play their games on Bitcoins. This is due to the limitations of licensing and regulatory bodies.At the same time, SoftSwiss or Betsoft Gaming companies are allowed to play in Bitcoins. In general, the trends are now that more and more providers are removing such restrictions, so it is possible that in the near future Bitcoins will be accepted for rates on a par with Euros, US Dollars, Sterling pounds and other currencies.

Is it possible to find a casino with a conclusion of Bitcoins without attachments?

In essence, all the operators represented in this section are such. But there is one “but” – not all virtual gambling establishments allow users to withdraw the winnings received as a result of the game for no deposit bonuses, without a preliminary deposit. But with the conclusion of the Bitcoins without a deposit, things are somewhat different, because deposits with Bitcoin are also anonymous. Therefore, many casinos are allowed to withdraw winnings in Bitcoins without attachments. Unfortunately, it is problematic to draw up such a list, so we recommend that you clarify this issue with support specialists before creating an account.

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