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Introduction to online casinos

Everything you need to know about online casinos

Do you think that playing online casino is as easy as pressing a button and waiting for a win that will change your life?

In fact, it’s much more complicated. The more you think about money, the more you are wrong.

The first important step is to choose the most suitable online casino for you.

Choosing a casino “blindly” by clicking on the first available offer that appeared on the screen of your smartphone or laptop is not the best idea. Explain why.

Choosing the best online casino

At first glance, choosing an online casino seems like an easy task. In fact, it’s not that simple.

The first thing to consider when choosing an online casino is that it should accept players from your country.

Even more important to choose the casino with the PERFECT REPUTATION. Even among the promoted establishments there are those that will look for any excuse not to pay you if you win more than a few hundred dollars.

The casino owns your money in their accounts, not the other way around, so they have a clear advantage.

«Online casino is like an insurance company. You can make sure that she is conscientious only after you contact her with the problem and she will pay you the money. The same is the case with casinos. You can be sure that the casino is good only after it pays you your winnings»

But there are a few more things to consider: favorite games, payment methods, financial stability (especially if you are a high roller), customer support, bonuses, etc….

To facilitate your choice:

We have made every effort and written a useful article for you on how to choose an online casino.

Casino bonuses and promotions

The times when the conditions and bonus policy of the casino were CRYSTAL CLEAR and transparent, alas, have passed.

The reason is that the casino has to protect itself from bonus hunters in this way.

These guys move from casino to casino and look for all sorts of “loopholes” in the bonus conditions that they can use to their advantage.

Of course, the casino should make a profit, so it tries to protect itself by introducing more complex conditions for receiving and using bonuses.

This method of doing business is legal, but sometimes these bonus conditions are so complex that even we (with all our rich experience) sometimes do not understand them.

The downside to this bonus policy is that it is often maintained by inexperienced players who are just trying to get a little more, and may not even have heard of bonus abuse.

If you do NOT want to BE DECEIVED, read our article about the CONDITIONS AND BONUS POLICY ONLINE CASINO.

Mathematics and strategies in gambling

Most casino games are based solely on luck. Some of them, such as Blackjack or Video poker, require skills. , Playing with the right strategy can increase your chances of winning, but no strategy will allow the player to win in the long run (such as card counting in blackjack).

You have to recognize the fact that the purpose of gambling is to make money on the players and not the other way around.

As the gaming industry becomes more Mature, it becomes increasingly difficult to find “loopholes” that will help you beat the casino. Moreover, this practice has become even more risky.

You should always


If on the Internet you find any guide on how to beat the casino, be careful. Most likely the owner of this site is in a share with the casino and offers you a strategy that will not actually work. A good example of this is various sites offering to teach how to double your bet on roulette.

Someday you will realize that the STATISTICS WILL ALWAYS PLAY AGAINST YOU, so I advise you just to start to learn how to get pleasure from casino games and how to GIVE YOUR LUCK a CHANCE to “WAKE up”.

You will be surprised, but using a long-term strategy can dramatically increase the chance of winning. To learn more, read our article: MATHEMATICAL foundations of GAME STRATEGIES: Learn about payout percentages and volatility.

Online casino games

There are dozens of different casino games, and each of them has many variations.

Analyzing each of them in detail would be a lifelong task (although Wizard of Odds is already doing it).

Since most players play only a few games, we decided to focus on the most important ones. Our goal is to show you guides and strategies based on common sense and computer modeling, and if possible, even slightly expand your knowledge in this area.

Enjoy and explore

Slot machine

Video poker
Baccarat (Punto Banco)
Online scratch cards

Security in gambling

There are two options when you may run into problems while gambling:

  • Fraud
  • You become a problem player
  • To prevent the first, you have to understand that when you play online, you are dealing with a company that is thousands of kilometers away from you.

You don’t even know who these guys are. The smaller the casino you deal with, the more experiences you experience playing them.

Basic rule:

Use only secure payment methods. Never enter your credit card number directly on the casino website. Always check how much you pay.
Keep your casino account balance to a minimum.
Another point:

Gambling can be just interesting. They can bring in the lives of the players some emotional change, and there are many HEALTHY METHODS TO SIMPLY ENJOY the GAME.

But for many players gambling has become a nightmare. There are not as many ways as losing your fortune overnight, but unfortunately one of them is gambling.

Read the basic rules of gambling and you will know when to stop. If you are by nature people who are prone to various kinds of dependencies, we suggest that do not even start to play.

Gambling is like playing with matches, so be careful not to set your house on fire. If you are new to gambling, before placing your first bet, we recommend that you read the IMPORTANT instructions for the GAME from our friend Steve.

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