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Casino USA

US Casino

US casino is a very profitable business, which is in high demand due to the excitement of American citizens and tourists. The most famous city in the US, which is famous for its casinos around the world – Las Vegas. This is where players from all countries seek to try their luck at such a famous place.

History of casinos in the USA

The history of the American casino has gone through a long and difficult path of development, just like the US itself. Since their appearance, there have been stages of their rapid development, which alternated with complete prohibitions. The immigrants from the Old World brought gambling in the USA.

Casino USAIn the XVIII-XIX centuries, the center of gambling in the United States was New Orleans. The development of the lands of Louisiana was carried out by the French, who formed their colony here. In 1718, at the mouth of the Mississippi appeared New Orleans, which for many years was the center of gambling in the United States. However, in 1834, a scandal with the ruined players of water casinos was widely publicized. An article was published in the newspaper, which described fraudulent schemes that operate in games on steamboats. The number of victims was too great, so gambling was completely banned in New Orleans.

Before the beginning of the twentieth century, gambling business was actively developing near the Mexican border. In the twenties of the twentieth century, interest in the gambling business in the United States began to gain momentum. Already in the 30’s, sweepstakes were allowed at the races, various charity lotteries . Casinos in the United States for a long time were only in Nevada, whereas in all other states until the mid-70’s they were banned.

In the 50’s, the entertainment industry went up, and interest in gambling grew with it. At this time, the leaders in this area were Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlantic City. These cities hold the primacy today.

In Indian reservations, the first casinos appeared in 1989. This was due to the adoption on 17 October 1988 by the US Congress of a law regulating the gambling activities of Indian tribes. This law has established minimum restrictions on employment by gambling business.

The legal regulation of gambling in the US, as a rule, is handled by local authorities. The federal authorities have intervened in this process only a few times. In 1951, the United States passed a law on the transportation of gaming devices (Johnson’s Law), according to which the movement of slot machines in states where they were banned was restricted. Also, according to the law, all companies manufacturing and selling gambling equipment that operated in the US territory had to be registered with the US Department of Justice.

In 1961, the Law on Travels was passed, in 1970 – the Law on Illegal Gambling, and in 2000 – the Law on Race, which was adopted at the federal level and influenced the functioning of gambling in the whole country.

General Information

Luxor Hotel and CasinoBy 1994, almost all states were legalized gambling. The exception is Utah and Hawaii, here the game business is still banned.

Directly casino legally operate in all settlements of the State of Nevada and in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Also throughout the US there are gambling establishments of indigenous people, and this is more than 300 casinos owned by Indians.

Great popularity is enjoyed by floating casinos, which are located along the Mississippi and its tributaries. On cruise liners, often, there is a casino on board.

The center of the gaming industry is considered to be the state of Nevada. It is here that there are more than 2 thousand gambling establishments, where more than 210 thousand slot machines and 6 thousand gaming tables are located at the players disposal. The excess profitability of the state is estimated at about a billion dollars, for which the federal budget is replenished every year.

In Nevada, there are no restrictions on gambling . However, anyone can not open his place in any place. In the state there are strict restrictions on who, where and how can open its gambling institution. For example, for the construction of a casino in Las Vegas, a special quarter is allocated. In addition, gambling establishments are prohibited from opening near schools, churches, hospitals.

Casino of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known around the world for its casinos. People from all over the world come here to experience the incredible energy of the excitement of this place. The number of casinos in Las Vegas has already exceeded 70. Here is presented a huge range of games and entertainment for the sake of which it really worth to come. The most popular casinos in the city are Treasure Island, Monte Carlo, New York Hotel Casino , Caesar’s Palace, The Mirage and others.

New York Hotel Casino in Las Vegas

Los Angeles Casino

In the Los Angeles casino, poker lovers from all over California prefer to gather. The two largest establishments in the city are Bicycle and Commerce. It is here that various poker tournaments are held , including the world scale.

New York Casino

In New York, casinos are not as common as many believe. The fact is that there are a lot of people here who suffer from dependence on gambling establishments. In this regard, the senators are extremely cautious in resolving the opening of such institutions in the city.Relatively recently in New York, the Casino Resorts World Casino opened, which immediately captivated lovers of gambling. However, here, too, there is one nuance – in Resorts World Casino there are no live dealers and the dealer , because only video games are allowed.

Miami Casino

Casino in Miami are located almost on the beach. A great demand for gambling establishments is provided by a large flow of tourists. There are four best casinos in Miami:

  • Casino Seminole Hard Rock ;
  • Gulfstream Park Casino ;
  • Miccosukee Casino;
  • Discovery Cruise Line .

Casino Orleans

The history of casinos and gambling in Orleans has a rich history, which alternates with periods of bans and the resolution of their activities. To date, there are often held tournaments in poker. One of the best places for poker is considered to be Harrah’s New Orleans, which competes mainly with Horse Shoe in Las Vegas and Taj Majal in Atlantic City.

Casino San Diego

Operating in San Diego casinos belong, in the majority, to Indians. Even in the XVI century, this land inhabited the Indian tribes, they also live here and now, and very well thanks to the gambling business. The best casinos in San Diego are:

  • Viejas Casino;
  • Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino;
  • Pala Casino;
  • Pechanga Resort and Casino;
  • Sycuan Resort and Casino;
  • Harrah’s Rincon Casino;
  • Valley View Casino;
  • Casino Paum;
  • Golden Acorn Casino;
  • Santa Ysabel Resort and Casino.

Legal regulation

The gambling business is regulated by the state authorities on an individual basis, and the federal authorities, as a rule, do not interfere in this process. At the legislative level, this rule is spelled out in chapter 15, paragraph 3001 (1) of the Code of Laws of the United States of America. According to this provision, the states are responsible for determining the types of gambling that are organized and conducted within the state. The document also determines the age of the players.

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