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Casino Tips and Tricks 2019 at a glance

We present you specific game descriptions and hints to reputable online casinos and provide you more concretely with exclusive casino tips and tricks for a unique gaming pleasure in the casino.

Free Slots no DownloadHere’s just one of the most important casino tips 2018: It concerns the motivation and motivation for playing in an online casino and also applies to many other areas of life: Who confuses the pleasure with happiness, will never be happy much longer than the pleasure takes . (Ernst Ferstl, Austrian teacher, poet and aphorist).

The convulsive attempt to crack a jackpot will usually fail. But who makes the pleasure his motivation and plays with a lot of fun in the joy, at which sooner or later, the success will adjust. The greatest athletes do what they do, always for fun. The success then automatically adjusts itself by the way. So please consider the game in the casino primarily as a pleasure that brings you fun, entertainment and fun.

Cash gains, sometimes high profits, are in this metaphor of success, which then automatically adjusts itself incidentally. Along the way, losing to gambling is like defeat of the athlete. With clever play and adherence to certain principles, you will optimize your chances to give Fortuna a bit of a boost. And if you then hit the jackpot, you have won the Champions League.

Our online casino tips 2018 will also help you find the casino that suits you best. Depending on which criterion you give the highest priority, choose the casino with the best bonus offer, the casino with the best gaming offer or the casino with the best user-friendliness. For example, Casino Mr Green offers fantastic graphics and the best slot games from Microgaming or NetEnt. Maybe that’s why you choose exactly the casino Mr Green to your preferred casino.

10 Casino Tips for Beginners

1. Online is better

Anyone who has never dealt with gambling should definitely start in an online casino . Because there are many beginner-friendly options that a normal casino simply can not offer. So you can play practically all games for play money and learn so playfully. For this you usually do not even have to register with a provider. In the Flash casinos you can start quite anonymously.

2. Choose the right casino

The search for the right online casino is similar, without help, to the famous search for the needle in a haystack. That’s why there are sites like Because we have tested hundreds of online casinos for our readers and only present good and reputable providers . Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look at different casinos. The most serious difference is the software that a casino relies on. But other factors, such as bonus money, free spins or the like are important: just try out some casinos for free.

3. Play for free

Play for free

The play money game should be the first step for every beginner . Because if you have no experience, you risk losing your money quickly. Of course, there are games where the player can not influence the gameplay and only luck decides. This is true for slot machines or roulette . But other games, such as Video Poker or Blackjack reward “good” game – you lose your money when making wrong decisions.

4. The change to the game for money

As soon as you feel comfortable you can play for real money. However, that does not mean that you should never use the play money tables again: with each new game it pays off to try it out for free. When playing for money, the seriousness of the casino is particularly crucial. Because you trust the casino now their hard-earned money and then you should look closely at who you give the money. Take a look at our casino tests.

5. Set a budget

Think carefully about how much money you want to risk . Because it is always possible that you lose everything. That’s why the casino budget should consist of money that you can lose as well. Of course it makes the charm that you can also win a lot of money – but unfortunately that is not always the case.

6. Start with small stakes

Even if you have a fairly high budget, you should first choose small assignments. This gives you a good feeling for playing with money. If you then feel like you want to risk more, you can slowly increase the use – and thus approach his “comfort zone”. To risk so much money that one is afraid of losing while playing, you should never.

7. Take responsibility for yourself

Responsibility in the casino

There is a certain percentage of people who tend to develop dangerous gambling habits. That can go to gambling addiction . Be self-critical and analyze your own gaming behavior. Is it hard to stop? Do you risk too much? Can not you take breaks? That could be alarm signals . Gambling addiction is a serious condition and you should take the danger signals seriously.

8. Have fun

Try new games, take advantage of offers to meet other casinos and have fun . This also means that you can treat yourself to something nice with the profits. Why not even take a vacation because you would never have done otherwise?

9. Try games

Not all games in the casino please one. But there is usually a lot more than just a ” favorite game “. That’s why you should always think outside the box. But some games are more player friendly than others. Therefore, you play games with a small house edge and avoid games that only make the casino rich!

10. Stop by us

On you will find much more than just online casino tests. Use our site to discover new games, get tips on tactics and strategy for games or to contact our team. We are on your side and want to help!

And another casino tip for beginners: games where you play against other players increase your chances considerably. For example, poker is considered a game of skill, a game in which the better wins. Nevertheless, here is a luck factor available, which compensates only over a long game.

Online Casino Tricks for Casino Professionals

The seven golden rules:
1. You should know the payout percentage of your game!

This is about a lot of money. Who knows what the payout percentage of a game is and how it is from similar games has a huge advantage. Of course you have to act accordingly – a few percentage points are often crucial.

2. You should only use useful bonus offers!

Bonus offers are many. But those who deal more intensively with the bonus conditions, will often realize that the bonus brings little. That’s why you should let a bonus pass once. For example, low percentages on deposits are often not worth the effort. And sometimes you have to invest a lot of time to realize a bonus, if this time is missing, then you should also refuse.

3. You should choose the right payment method!

Really underestimated is often the choice of the means of payment . It is often a lot of money here. For example, many providers require players to pay a certain amount for deposits or withdrawals. Anyone who makes sense here and chooses cleverly can save a lot of money that will eventually end up on their own account.

4. You should also jump over your own shadow!

Humans are creatures of habits. And that’s why we always tend to play the same games. There is often more value in new offers than in the existing one. Here you should always venture out of your own comfort zone and sometimes even see if new games would not be better. So jump over your own shadow and analyze your own behavior and game selection .

Practice makes perfect – you should not get lazy!

For many casino games, it always makes sense to question your own strategy and try something new. But we are too lazy and satisfied with the results so far – so you might give away a lot of money. Therefore, we are convinced that the play money mode as a training ground for experienced players is an important means that you should use intensively.

6. Loyalty points are your best friend!

Many players smile at the loyalty programs. They make little at first glance and many believe that one can only generate little added value here. But a good Loyalty Point system should be one of your main sources of income besides profits. Because you can often generate so much money when you play more often that even a weaker time could end up with a plus on the account.

7. Having fun is the top priority!

Gambling should be a game and play should be fun . You must never forget that. That’s why the fun bid is the most important rule. If playing is not fun, then stop immediately. And for fun, it has also been that you treat yourself to beautiful things with beautiful things.

Tips for your favorite games

Roulette is the most popular casino game in the German-speaking area. And actually, you can not do much wrong here – who plays French or European roulette and other variants avoids, makes many things right. But a little improvement is always possible. Be sure to choose a roulette friendly online casino. With the bonus conditions this means that one recognizes at least 10, better 20 per cent of the roulette turnover with the bonus conditions. Roulette tournaments in online casinos are a great way to add value, as this is where the online casino usually puts some money on top.

Slot machines are a typical game of chance. The player can, if at all, have minimal impact on the outcome. That’s why you should work on small things in search of the perfect result. Making the most of jackpots gives you far better chances. Watch the jackpot slots free with bonus in your casino and then join in as the payout goes up. Training also makes sense with slots. Try playing new games in Playmoney mode to see if they are right for you.

Blackjack is the premier class in online casino. And there is a lot of potential for improvement here. Exercise is everything with blackjack. Your own strategy must sit and prove to be successful in the long term. Training makes sense in blackjack. Ongoing new strategies are created and presented. Comparing your own strategy with new ones often means that you can make them even better and thus gain more money. Card counting and charts are allowed for online blackjack. Use these tools!

Online poker is offered by many online casinos, but is not a game of chance. You should always know that and act accordingly. Choosing lower bets is a strategy that allows you to last longer. Analyze tournaments, key hands and everything that was interesting in a game with hindsight. Good poker players often deal with the analysis as long as with the game – this is the only way to improve. If you feel like being rolled over at the table after a career ascent, then take a step back: the perfect game only works where you feel safe – overworking leads to costly mistakes.

Casino Tips for Playing with Real Money

A special kick gives the game in the casino for real money. But beware! Especially in slot games you can lose a lot of money quickly. The most important casino tips 2018 regarding playing with real money are:

Play only with money that belongs to you!
Play for money only if you can handle its loss!
Only play games that you really master!
Each one of us in life has to pay enough for our training. There is no need to pay apprenticeship even for activities that serve your own entertainment. Take advantage of the free trial . Nearly every online casino also offers its games for free with virtual play money.

Casino Tips and Tricks: How do I find the right casino?
Choosing the right casino is one of the most important decisions when playing games. Each player has his favorite game and each casino is suitable for other types of players. A look at the payout ratios and a comparison of the bonus programs is worth the money. So invest enough time in selecting the casino before you make a real money deposit.

Read our casino reviews! Try the software in the play money version and get the maximum out of the bonus offers! Here, with a little preparation, you can earn a lot of money even before the first game! Which of the following criteria do you attach the highest priority to?

Excellent customer service in German?
Software with Download or Flash Casino?
Does the casino have a license and is controlled by authorities?
Does the casino have a high payout percentage?
What are the possibilities of deposit and withdrawal?
Is the bonus offer attractive? Are there any good promotion offers?
How does the casino perform on ratings ?
Casino Tip Book of Ra: Play the Novoline Bestseller!
Book of Ra is the bestseller of Novoline and many players already known from the days of the gaming arcades . This is a slot with five or six reels and nine or ten paylines, depending on the version. Graphically, the story of a treasure hunt in Egypt is told, the goal of the legendary book of the sun god Ra.

Our Casino Tips Book of Ra primarily involves choosing the version, the amount of bets and playing the bonus round. Currently there are three versions of this popular classic in the Novoline Casinos:

Book of Ra (5 reels, 9 paylines)
Book of Ra deluxe (5 reels, 10 paylines)
Book of Ra deluxe 6 (activation of a 6th roll possible, 10 paylines)
We recommend the golden mean and keep Book of Ra deluxe for the most player friendly version. Compared to Book of Ra, the graphics were significantly improved and the otherwise simple Novoline sound was added at least in the bonus round a few more notes. The goal of the game is to make the Book of Ra appear on the five reels three times. This will trigger the bonus round. These are 10 free games where one of the symbols is selected and acts as a bonus symbol. If this symbol appears in the next spin at least three (Card symbols 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) or twice (all remaining symbols), it automatically replicates itself all over the reel and lucrative winnings wait.

Here is our Casino Tips Book of Ra at a glance:

The best graphics and highest chances of profit are offered by the version Book of Ra deluxe!
Play the maximum number of paylines as they serve as a multiplier in the bonus round!
The amount of the bet also determines the amount of winnings in the bonus round. Choose here also the golden mean, not too small, but not too high!

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