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Casino payment menthod

Casino payment menthod

At the UK casinos listed below you can play casino against invoice. With solutions like Paylevo, Zimpler, and smsBill, you can choose to deposit money at your UK  favorite casino to receive an invoice for payment later. Or as with Siru mobile payment where the amount is charged on your phone bill. Note that interest rates and delays will be charged if you do not pay your casino invoice on time. Then, as usual, never play casino on invoice for money you can not afford, but you already knew that. real slots

Casinos with invoice payment

Play casino against invoice

Following a blackmail of several online casinos in the Swedish media in the fall of 2014, several companies withdrawn the service to play casino on invoice. That’s why the top list here is so short. It was argued that players with an unhealthy attitude to gaming were put into additional financial tightness by offering invoice payment. We can, however, agree with the criticisms, but considering that you can apply for a sms loan with worse terms than those listed below, the criticism becomes toothless and banal. Now there is no ban on offering casino games against invoice payment so it’s free to choose this as a payment method. As long as you pay your invoice on time, this is a canon solution that is both smooth and safe. Perfect for those who know that you have money at the entrance, but still want to get you a little casino retention until the money is in the account.

Paylevo casinos

Kriita , now called Paylevo, is a Swedish company specializing in secure online payments, whether you’re behind a computer, mobile or tablet. But their biggest strength is that they give you financial muscles no matter when in the month or how your bank account looks at the moment. You shop smoothly and securely and then get an invoice to be paid within 14 days. But it’s also great to play casino with Paylevo .

When you first sign up for Paylevo’s payment solutions, they make a quick credit check to determine the amount of money you can buy, in just a few seconds. Then you can safely and safely with a few simple button presses deposit your favorite casino and start playing directly. An invoice will then appear in your inbox as you have 14 days to pay otherwise you will receive a fee of SEK 60 and a default interest rate of 20% . A perfect solution for you who know you have money on time but not access right now. However, be sure to pay your bill in time to avoid unnecessary fees.

Zimpler casinon

The goal of Zimpler (the name of former PugglePay) is to make it as smooth as possible for you to make purchases on the internet. With a slick but responsible credit grant, it’s no problem for you over 18 years to easily and securely pay with the Swedish company Zimpler’s invoice solution. Zimpler offers friendly payment principles that take into account unforeseen events and modern invoicing via SMS, mail, or regular snail mail. Not only do they offer their customers shopping, but it is also perfect to play casino with Zimpler. They also have an outstanding support to help you with both small and large, entirely in Swedish of course.

You register quickly and easily and at your first purchase a quick but good credit assessment is made. Then you can only wait for the invoice you receive on either SMS, email, or your physical mailbox. No hassle with mobile apps or other gadgets. You have 14 days to pay your invoice, but you can actually make sure it goes through Autogiro, so you’re completely sure that your invoice is paid on time. A canon solution, in other words, if you have money on your way, but still want some casino deduction until then. Reminder fee if you do not pay on time is SEK 49 and the default interest rate of 8.0%, so be sure to pay within the 14 days!

SmsBill casinon

SmsBill is a service from the Swedish company PayGround. It’s a really nice billing solution, where you make a purchase in three simple steps, or make a deposit to play casino with smsBill . You choose how much you want to enter, enter your mobile number and wait for a text message. When you receive your message from smsBill, it contains a code that you then tap into the payment page along with your social security number. More difficult than it is not. Then you will receive an invoice sent to you by mail, email, or text that you have 14 days to pay. It will not be on your mobile bill or linked to any credit card. Really good payment service in other words. If you do not pay within the 14 days, you will receive a reminder fee of SEK 60 and a default interest rate of 24% per annum (2% per month), if you fail to pay the reminder, the case will be charged for debt collection where additional charges apply, so it is very important that you really pay in time.

Siru casinos

Siru mobile is a payment solution that makes it possible to pay with your mobile phone to play in a Swedish casino . You simply call Siru and follow the instructions and then send a PIN to you, which is then stated at the place of purchase. The sum will then be charged to your phone bill. All you need is that you are within Sweden’s borders, have a Swedish mobile phone subscription, and a phone that can receive SMS.
Siru is a fantastic smooth service but currently relatively expensive. If you choose to deposit money to play casino with Siru and deposit $ 140, a fee of $ 60 will be charged. Your telephone bill will therefore be charged 200 SEK, and a fee of almost 43% . Currently, the largest possible payment can be made with Siru of $ 600 and you can mostly buy $ 3,000 a month (including fees).

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