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Casino games

Different kinds of Casino games

If you thought that games of casinos on the net is that a slot machine that you pulled in Las Vegas or played at the local pizzeria so do you think completely wrong. Development is moving at breakneck speed when it comes to the games of casinos on the net. Almost at the same rate as video games and computer games. The graphics, features and music is in today’s game comparable to modern video games. In slots or any other casino game offers you today a mind-boggling experience with surprises and a graphic discoveries that make you feel if in an adventure – at the same time as playing for money, which of course raises the pulse just there. Of the modern online casinos such as Week & Ninja Casino you get a tremendously exciting gaming experience. 

On this page we thought we’d sort out the concepts and explain how the most popular games today, and where you can play them. Among speltyperna we will describe, we find slots, live casino, scratch cards and bingo. We have chosen to limit ourselves to these types, given that these are the most popular by far (with slots in a clear first place).

Slots / Video Slot Machines

Slots are the most popular casino games right now and we recommend that you play them at any casino without an account for a faster and smoother experience. They sometimes go under the name of the video slots, but it is always about the same thing – the modern digital slot machines. Typically, these casino slots 5 reels and 3 rows, but they can differ significantly from each other in design and play mode. The most common is that you win when you get at least 3 in a row on a payline, but even this can differ between games.


A common feature is the sk. wilds symbols can be found in most video slots. These symbols replace any symbol in the games, and for example, if you get two cherry symbols in a row, and then a wild on the third reel, you will get a profit. However, wild symbols can also generate larger profits and more profits because they are able to generate profits on several wheels at the same time. Some of these slot machines have up to 243 paylines, which means that if a wild symbol appears on the first or second wheel so this tends to be associated with a relatively large gain and cool sound effects.

Bonus game and free spins / scatter symbols

The most popular feature in modern video slots is bonus games and free spins. These profits, in principle, usually by getting three scatter, free spins or bonus symbols. If you get the free spins bonus round so usually as a rule get 10 free spins with a multiplier higher than usual, which means that all winnings are multiplied one or more times.

Other bonusspels design depends on which game it is, and what the theme. You can get select boxes, spin the on a large vinsthjul or defeat an evil boss – all in order to get large winnings from the bonus game. As a rule, you win big in the bonus game and free spins – it is this man seeks and longs for. 

Among stortitlarna of videoslotsen we find bl.a. such created by the Swedish company Net Entertainment Twin Spin, Starburst and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Live Casino

Recent years the live casino has become immensely popular in online casinos. It’s all about the classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and many more. Here you have a real dealer, often a good-looking girl, who deals the cards and all the others around the table are playing against, just like in a real casino. The dealer is talking with the players and you can communicate with him/her via chat if you so wish. It feels like you are actually sitting on the chair on the blackjack table when, for example, play Live Blackjack from Evolution Gaming, which is available at many of the online casinos we list on this site. 

Scratch cards

Scratch cards have also appeared in the digital version of online casinos, and it is at least as fun to scratch one’s triss scratch card online at the kitchen table in real life – but you don’t ever have to scratch the debris, and if you need to change your ticket so you do it in less than a second, rather than having to run down to the nearest lottobutik. To scratch a lottery ticket online is just as easy if not easier than scraping a three of a Kind ticket. The only thing you need to do is either use your mouse pointer as a quarter and scrape as usual, or alternatively click on the box to fast-scratch. Just like in bingo Mary is big in the area, so check out our review of it and test a scratch card online already tonight. Fast, easy, and exciting is a good summary of scratch cards on the web!


Online bingo is a big phenomenon and bingo are often of the greatest spelnätverken, but there are also pure bingositer online. The biggest and probably the best bingo site, formerly known as Maria Bingo.

Online Bingo works just like in a bingolokal or Entertainment, but in digital form. You buy one or more ready-made lottery tickets and waiting for the next draw. The advantage of playing bingo online is that there are draws around the clock and you don’t have to sit in some seedy local, but can play from the couch instead.

Are you eager to try the bingo so there are plenty of online casinos with the bbs, both in the form of free bingo bonus without a deposit of usually 50 usd and daily bonus offers at bingo of most sites that has bingo in its range. 

We love casino games!

Games online only becomes more and more popular and if you plan to test your luck, to you’re most likely to get the most out of your gaming experience. Start by exploring the options. What is it you’re after? What is important to you? It is primarily about finding the highest vinschanser or are you just looking for a relaxing, entertaining experience. 

No matter what you are looking for, so teeming with it by the players in the nätcasinots corridors, all of which consider themselves to be their very own guide to the perfect experience. In the following text, we intend to sort out some of the concepts, look at what the players generally tend to be looking for and list the best casino games for those who want to start playing online

If you are looking to only maximize your chances to win at an online casino, you should choose a game that not only involves chance and luck. Some games require more of you as a player and if you done your homework, you can increase your chances to win. As an example we can mention two classic games such as roulette and blackjack. Visit a well stocked bookstore or your local library and you will find a variety of literature around the blackjack and roulette.

What constitutes a good game

  • High RTP
  • Alternate games
  • Stylish design

There are some strategies that will give you an advantage when you play these classics. Always stand on 17 at the blackjack table. Always split double aces and eights. At the roulette table, place a bet on red. In case of loss, duplicate deposit but stay on the red. Continue to double until you win and then go back to ursprungssatsningen. There are a variety of tips and tricks for you who want to create yourself an advantage in the game world. It is, however, not for all games. There are tough requirements of today’s online casinos in order to ensure that it is chance that determines whether you win or not. It may never be built-in algorithms in the games that makes that there are more factors than chance come into play. There are institutions in place to ensure just that. It does not mean that it is illegal for a gaming company to provide a game with a low chance of occurring. It is up to the player to choose. Some games give you said the larger chance to win. Below follows a short description of the concept of Return-to-Player. 


Return-to-player or RTP, is an English expression which in Swedish is called återbetalningskvot. It is a ratio which calculates your theoretical chances of winning. A slot machine or table games with high RTP is a higher theoretical chance of winning than a game with a low RTP. The meaning of the term is linked to one of the nätcasinots parachutes to make a profit. A gaming company can profile itself as the world’s most ethical companies, which just want their players well and produce lots of millionaires. But if we look at it all a little crass, so is the gaming business like any other.

A company’s goal is to make a profit. When the casino games is a games of chance, the risk, of course, the companies will lose everything if the universe were to go against them one day, and all players would win at all the games they add. The odds that it would happen is of course astronomically high, but we play with the idea a kind. Imagine if all the players who play at a certain casino, for one hour, would win all the games they played. Then the casino would go under. RTP alone would not save the casino in this hypothetical case, as it is quite extremely filled in with paint, but the casino would in any case not go one hundred percent loss. 

If a game has an RTP of 95 %, means that 95 % of the money played is earmarked for the player. The company makes a guaranteed profit of 5 %, which in all likelihood increases, then, not all games means profit for the player. Thus, if you place a bet of 100 usd, on a blackjackmaskin with 95 % RTP, you have the chance to win 95 ce, the $ 5 will automatically go to the bank, or in this case, to the company you play with. Now it does not work so in practice, because of RTP-the quota is not tied to you as an individual player, but acts more as a yardstick jämntemot other games and vending machines. You win in blackjack you always get your bet doubled, but in the last 5 crowns will not from the casino, without any other, less fortunate players. 


If you singles a coin is 50 % chance that the outcome will be heads, 50 % it will be tails. There is certainly calculations, which describes the chance that the crown lands on the back, but for argument’s sake, we choose to ignore the highly improbable end. If you are singles over the two-times says thus the probability that one of the time, the crown, the second time tails. Anyone who has ever tossed a coin knows, however, that it is not completely incredible to get the crown twice in a row. If you instead singles the coin 1000 times, or 10,000 times, it is less likely that you’ll get heads every time. 

This is called variance, and the phenomenon plays a role when we’re talking about the RTP. It may seem unfair that only 95 % of the money played on a vending machine goes back to the player, but it is a slightly misleading picture. Because RTP-quota is not tied to the individual player, but is a theoretical estimate, it will not give any greater weight in the small scale. It is only after several thousand games as a trend begins to appear.

Casino games with the highest/lowest RTP

In Sweden, dominated the gaming market by game developer NetEnt. NetEnt is behind several of the most popular slot machines, and is represented in, if not all, as in a significant majority of all online casinos that are available for Swedish players. Below are two lists of the vending machines with the highest, respectively the lowest RTP, developed by NetEnt. 

A maximum RTP of NetEnt

  • Mega Joker – 99.0 %
  • Jackpot 6000 – 98.9 %
  • Blood Suckers – 98.0 %
  • Fishy Fortune – 97.9 %
  • Kings of Chicago – 97.8 %

The lowest RTP of NetEnt

  • Relic Raiders – 90.0 %
  • Super Lucky Frog – 93.0 %
  • Geisha Wonders – 93.1 %
  • Tales of Krakow – 93.2 %
  • Icy Wonders – 93.5 %

However, it should not stare themselves blind on the RTP-quotas. A high RTP should certainly, theoretically, give you a higher chance of winning, but it does not mean higher chance to win big money. If a casino game has a high RTP, it means often that the game has more but lower profits. Do you play on a machine with a lower RTP, you have lower chance to win, but also, perhaps, a higher chance to win big. 

A high RTP-quota does not mean that the game is either good or popular. A look at the network’s highest RTP quotas, independent of the developers, gives us this picture: 

  • Blood Suckers – 98,00%
  • Fishy Fortune – 97,90%
  • Devils Delight – 97,60%
  • Jack Hammer – 97,00%
  • Immortal Romance – 96,86%
  • Robin Hood: Shifting Riches – 96,80%
  • Scarface – 96,80%
  • Crime Scene – 96,70%
  • Fruit Shop – 96,70%
  • Frankenstein – 96,60%

Note that none of the highest rated games when it comes to the RTP, count among the most popular on the market (except, possibly, Immortal Romance). Mega Fortune and Starburst are examples of vending machines that can be found in virtually all casinons spelkataloger, but they end up in the 16:th, and 19 th place. 

A varied gaming experience

Many see their gambling as a pleasant relaxation and a short escape from the daily stress. Then you are not looking for yet another stress. Some games are better suited for the casual player. By offering games with variety but at the same time a simple game idea, game developers adapt to a variety of tastes. If you look at what most players consider to be a good casino experience so it’s not just about the highest chances of winning but the experience itself is seen as rewarding and entertaining. Games like Mega Fortune, Gonzo’s Quest, and the eternal recurrence of the Starburst, are examples of games which is often termed as the best casino games on the market. A common factor for these games is their simple design with a clear and well-developed game idea. Combined with a stylish design and the relatively high chances of winning, ports these three are often in the top when it comes to the overall gaming experience. 


The design and design of the platform you play on, also have a part in the overall gaming experience. To play on a vending machine with the constant flashing colors and moving pictures, can in the long run be experienced as stressful and stressfullt. Therefore, choose games and slot machines that suits you. Many players appreciate a neat and simple design. The more people who choose the aesthetic options, the clearer it becomes for the game developers to the overall gaming experience playing the role of their customers, which ultimately leads to more games of the category to develop.

Most popular casino games in Sweden

  • Starburst
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Jack Hammer
  • Mega Fortune
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Top rated is produced via a vote conducted among 30 000 players

Summary of casino games

The gaming experience is not possible to describe in universal terms. The overall picture is always based in the individual player. It is difficult to reproduce a clear image of the best casino games is, but if we look at what most players consider to be a good experience, it is possible to make some genrealiseringar. Many people follow the RTP ratio. No on in there, but remember that a high RTP do not always means that you increase your chances of winning. Try you instead. Numbers and statistics can always twist and turn to their advantage. In the end, it is you as the player must make the assessment whether or not a game fits you or not.

Casino games Top 10 – a countdown

Seen to the below listed criteria, we found ten games that stand out from the crowd. There are games that in different ways delivers a helhetsprodukt that has the ability to grab hold of, and challenge the player. Some of the games have gained their greatness through the high jackpots and the bonuses, while others simply provide a gaming experience beyond the ordinary.

10. Aliens

With the “Aliens” have NetEnt created a 3D-adventure on an unprecedented scale. Great focus has been placed on design and aesthetics, and the graphics in the game are approaching the you can experience with gaming consoles like Playstation and xBox. You play through different levels in search of the aliens, and during your adventure with the opportunity to play the different side games with the chance for big profits.

9. Lost Island

“The Wilds” is a recurring concept in several of NetEnts products. When a “Wild”symbol will pop up, increasing the chances of winning and the pulse rises. Lost Island offers a mysterious and exciting experience, with the potential to climb this list in the future.

8. Gonzo’s Quest

In search of Eldorado, take Gonzalo Pizzaro embarks you on an adventure full of bonuses, falling rocks and guldslantar. Gonzo’s Quest is a multi-award-winning game developed by the giant NetEnt. At each of the profit falling stones down over the screen, and for every stone that falls increases the chances of winning. With upplåsningsbara bonuses for an exciting online gaming experience, the game offers high quality entertainment.

7. Jack and the Beanstalk

A modern classic. With the great help of Jack, changed NetEnt the way we look at slot machines, and revolutionized the industry. You collect keys and unlock the bonus games. The game is highly addictive (in a good way) and all that is something reasonably well-versed in NetEnts catalogue, have at some point gone off on an adventure with Jack.

6. Lost Vegas

Zombies, zombies, zombies. Hollywood favoritmonster have entered in the casino world. In Lost Vegas has spelmetropolen have a zombieapokalyps. You can choose to play as survivor or as a Zombie and with several bonus systems and the free spins, climbs Lost Vegas quickly on lists of the country’s most popular video slots. With 5 reels and 243 different ways to win, offer Microgaming is one interesting and well-developed gaming experience.

5. Nirvana

When the Buddha was informed, he reached Nirvana. There is an easier way. Yggdrasil presents a magical slot machine inspired by the mysterious east. The game developer is the on the market that might put the greatest emphasis on the graphics and the game is, without exaggeration, the most beautiful. With three different forms of free spins and meditative music, is offering Nirvana is a different and aesthetically flawless gaming experience.

4. Twin Spin

For the nostalgiske casino player there is nothing that lives up to Twin Spin. The game transports you back to the 70’s Las Vegas, with spinning cherries and BAR symbols. The vending machine is simple to understand and have on several occasions been mentioned in the discussions surrounding the world’s best slot machines. Win in 243 different ways. The reels will spin and if they hook into each other, increased chances of winning. As an added bonus, multiple reels get stuck, and thus increase the chances of winning even more.

3. Reel Rush

By integrating the music with the game play, the creators behind the Reel Rush has developed a machine that engages and entertains. The quiet music lulls you into a false sense of security just for that, when you get the right combinations on the bet lines, increasing in tempo and throw you into a casinoäventyr with maximum heart rate. With all the 3125 (!) ways to win, Reel Rush entered as a favorite among Swedish players.

2. Mega Fortune

One of the slot machines with the very highest profits. It is an incredibly popular jackpotautomat recently shared out sek 54 million in the jackpot to the one lucky winner. The game offers a classic casinokänsla and bonus features that Wheel of Fortune, where you get the opportunity to play on the really big money.

1. Starburst

If you have ever been in the vicinity of the an online casino, or you for that matter just own a TV, so you probably have, in one way or another come in contact with the Starburst. It is the automaton that most of the casinos use in marketing and the game is seen in advertising campaigns in newspapers, on the internet and by posters in the town. With simple graphics and well-thought out game idea, has Straburst found a safe place in many player’s hearts. With the falling rubies and the “Wild”symbols, increases the pulse, and the voltage rises.

When it comes to the registration and welcome bonuses from various casinos, it is almost always the Starburst, which is used as the drawcard. The Free spins are not infrequently limited to the Starburst and the machine will by all accounts continue to top list after list of the most popular slot machines, for a long time to come.

Summary of the toplist

This is AN assessment. There are as many lists as there are players and to find the slot machine that suits you the best yourself, you need to do their homework. The vast majority of online casinos offer free spins and free spins upon registration. Use these deals to look around and see what kind of machine you find most interesting. The overall experience depends on several factors. Maybe you are looking for the highest chance of winning. Perhaps you are artistically inclined and like to rest your eyes on the beautiful images and imaginative landscapes. Maybe it’s the music that matters most. As you can see, it is difficult to create a casino games top 10 list to suit ALL tastes. But there are some guidelines you can follow to find your favorite. So, do your homework, use the free spins and free plays, read about the game developers, what they offer, but above all was their focus lies in the development of new slot machines.

How does one determine what makes a casino game good or bad? Who is it who should do the assessment? There are so many options on the gaming market today, an overview can provide even the most optimistic player vertigo. Then we thank the gods for market research. By listening to feedback from players, is it possible to make some generalizations when it comes to how a game should be structured to accommodate as many players as possible.

In our efforts to develop a Casino games Top 10-list, it is important to look at several aspects that, together build a clear picture of what players really want. To stare yourself blind on återbetalningskvoter can be misleading, since a majority of the players look to more than just the winning chances when you choose the games. Free spins is a popular move among gaming companies to attract new customers, but it can happen to any bonuses are limited to the games on the individual or a few machines.

In the following text we want to sort out some of the concepts and present an overall picture of what actually makes a game popular among its users. Then follows a descriptive list of the ten most popular slot machines. A list of the best “anything” is always a subjective affair. There are no universal rules for what makes a game good or bad, but by see to the most played games and the most popular platforms, we can get a hint as to what the average player considers to be of greatest importance to the overall experience.

Disclaimer: playing on the t.ex. blackjack, poker or roulette, give you usually a statistically higher chance of occurring, then the type of the game is to manipulate with the help of elaborate strategies. There are reviews that include the type of game, but in the following text we have chosen to focus on the slot machines.

What constitutes a good casino game?

High RTP?

Return-to-Player or RTP is a number which describes the theoretical chance to win at the slot machines on the net. In Swedish known as the term for återbetalningskvot and shows the per cent of the played money that is earmarked for payment to the player. For a casino not to go under, the company must give yourself some advantages. By taking out a part of the total sum which is played, in direct gain, the casino minimize the risk of loss and guarantee a certain amount to the company. Sound complicated? Let us illustrate with an example.You place a bet on 1000 dollars, on a machine with an RTP ratio of 95 %. The casino gives you a theoretical winning chance of 95 %. Thus, 950 of the $ 1000 you gambled, is earmarked for the player. The casino will stop the 50 crowns in his pocket, but this does not really you as an individual customer. Återbetalningskvoten is a theoretical figure which in reality only plays a role when we’re talking about very many games. Applied, never on the individual player, which means that your personal chances of winning would only be changed if you play thousands of times on the same game.

The figure can be seen as a marketing ploy, then high RTP does not always means high chance to big money. Rather on the contrary. If a game has a high RTP, it is likely that any gains are relatively low. Looking at the lists of the most popular games and look for their RTP-quota, it is not always the games with the highest ratio is considered the most popular.

Innovative design

Another aspect that many players consider to be of great importance for the selection of casino games, is the design, and the design of the platform. Many of the most popular games are sleek, streamlined and with a focus just on the aesthetic. A flashing light and bright colors might attract a certain type of customers, but in terms of what a majority of players consider to be a nice casino experience, seems well-thought-out and stylish design with good music to be preferable.

Varied gaming experience

It is required also the variation that a player will choose to remain at a certain vending machine. Too many options and bonus features can make the overall picture of the game messy. Too few features leads to monotony. In order to attract as many players as possible, requires a fine balancing act between the attractive offers and a simple, clear game idea.

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