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Cashback Casino Bonus

Online Casino with Cashback Bonuses

A number of online casinos to attract new and retain old players fits very creatively. Typically, creativity manifests itself not only in the design of websites, but also in various promotions and various incentive programs (loyalty programs), the main purpose of which is to hold the user in their institution for as long as possible. Well thought-out programs for user rewards, no doubt, are excellent at coping with the tasks assigned to them. In essence, bonuses in online casinos are a kind of gratitude from the gaming clubs for the fact that the user chose this place for entertainment. The number of shares and bonuses, their variety, size and attractiveness for users differ from one online casino to another. A special place in this list is occupied by bonuses in the form of the return of a certain part of the lost funds (they are also called cash-back cash-back).

The term ” cashback ” is not an innovation of the gambling industry: many banks provide cardholders with such “encouragement” when using these cards to calculate for goods and services. This, in turn, is a good incentive for customers to use these cards more often when calculating. Cashback bonuses in online casinos work on a similar principle.

Cashback bonuses represent the return of a certain percentage of the total amount of bets or lost money by the player for a certain period of time that is credited to the player on his account either automatically or after certain conditions are met to receive it.

It is important to understand that cashback is not one of the ways to get rich or make money playing online casinos, but one of the ways to “hedge” your bankroll, and also help him to recover a little in case of losses. Receiving cashback is always a pleasure, especially if it is charged automatically and is not subject to wage terms. If you have already played in an online casino, you should know how much it’s nice when after a bad game session / week you get a certain percentage of the funds back to your account.

As you can see from the definition itself, these bonuses are designed to prolong the gameplay of the user, so they are perfect for those who do not intend to make deposits in casinos too often, but at the same time wants to stretch the game process and their bankroll allocated for the game to more long period of time.

Like many other “chips” of attracting customers, bonuses in the form of a return of a part of the losses came online from land-based casinos. And this is not surprising, since land-based casinos have evolved over the centuries, and the online gambling industry is only a few dozen years old. In land-based casinos, rewards to players are presented in the form of special glasses that users can spend on food, improving the quality of service and accommodation, etc.

The size of the keshbek depends directly on the player’s playing activity, manifested in a pre-specified time frame. In other words, the player does not need to make a deposit to get a certain percentage of the lost funds back, since the deposit has already been made earlier, and his balance is credited with some amount of money depending on how much he lost and / or how many bets in the total amount he made for a certain period of time. This is its difference from other bonuses: greetings, reloads, no deposit and the like, at which the player must win back them afterwards, making bets.

This type of bonus enjoys a certain popularity among gamblers in the Internet, but even so, they can not be obtained in all online casinos. In this section of the site you can see the list of reliable casinos with cashback .

Varieties of cashback bonuses in online casinos

Most often in online casinos a kind of cash-back bonuses is used based on the overall loss.

Cashback based on common losses (Net Losses Cashback) assumes that users receive a return of a pre-known percentage of the amount of money they lost. Here is a simple example: a player made a deposit of $ 100 in a casino that offers a daily Net Losses Cashback of 15%. In total, the player made bets on $ 500, but by the end of the game session he had $ 70 left on his account. For this day the player is liable for a return in the amount of (100-70) * 0,15 = $ 4.5. As you understand, in this case, in the calculation are “net losses (net losses)”, and not the general betting losses.

From time to time there are casinos that use the accrual system depending on the total size of the player’s deposits or on the expected net profit of the institution. In such cases, as a rule, specific formulas of cacheback counting are used.

What is the principle of casino operation with cashback?

As a rule, when calculating cashback, only deposits are taken into account, for which additional bonuses were not received ( for the first deposit , reloads, etc.).

Parameters of cashback bonuses:

  • The maximum and minimum percentage of return that users can receive is established by the administration of virtual gambling clubs. As a rule, their sizes range from 5 to 30%;
  • Also, depending on the casino, the format of remuneration may differ: it can be issued either as bonus money, which must be used exclusively for the game, or in cash, which, as a rule, the user can use at his discretion;
  • As a rule, each casino determines in advance the period of calculation of the cashback bonus due to players (every day, every week, every month, etc.);
  • Online casino administration can limit the games, the losses in which go to the account of the return. From time to time, there are temporary actions, when cashback is issued for playing at a certain gaming machine. This is done to stimulate the interest of users to certain games (due to lower risks).
  • As a rule, the minimum and maximum value of the cacheback that every user can get is also set. Information about the maximum amount of this bonus is most often found in the rules and conditions on the official websites of gambling operators.

CashBack allows players to slightly reduce the risks of the game, since in case of a loss a certain percentage of money will be returned back. If the last time the luck was not on your side, the cashback bonus will give you another chance to test it in the case.

In some cases, cashback is “embedded” in online casino loyalty programs: for every bet made, a player receives a certain number of points, which can then be exchanged for cash.

Also, you should pay attention to the conditions for wagering such bonuses: someone issues them without wage terms, and someone asks for wagering of various sizes.

What should I do to receive cashback bonuses?

All online casinos set certain rules and conditions for obtaining / acting out absolutely all bonuses. We strongly recommend that you read them before you start playing for real money (in order to prevent misunderstandings and misunderstandings). For example, most often keshbek is not charged for playing blackjack or roulette.

Next, you need to choose an online casino, in which such bonuses are in principle provided. Next, you need to find the rules and conditions for receiving cashback bonuses in this casino and get acquainted with them, as everyone will have certain conditions. So, a number of casinos require that users confirm their intention to receive cashback bonuses, so the player needs to make a confirmation of the intention to use it, although in most cases bonuses are automatically given out.

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