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Book Of Ra Classic

Book of Ra Classic – The flagship of online games from Novomatic brings you the adventurous flair of ancient Egypt live in your living room. Treasures are waiting to be dug out by you in the form of free bonus games or rewards.

Book Of Ra Classic

Book of Ra Online

Each of the casinos provides you with by far the best-known and most popular slot classic Book of Ra in two variants. While the deluxe version shines with new features such as more impressive graphics, enhanced interactivity for the players and smart animations of the icons on the five reels, the purists of the player community enjoy the classic layout that has made the game world-famous.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Book of Ra. There’s a lot to discover, whether it’s play money or real money. If you decide to play for real money, it’s up to you how high your bets are. First, we recommend free testing until you have internalized the gameplay. real slots

Book of Ra – a game for casino fans

The classic Book of Ra is the slot game bad and still attracts many players with the history of Egypt magical, because as in the pyramids, so you can hope for this game on huge treasures!

In the classic Book of Ra you go to ancient Egypt and follow in the footsteps of the Pharaohs. Here were the secrets of the pyramids to you and the exploration of the burial chambers, in which the great kings of the Nile still rest today. Run like Howard Carter through the aisles of the Pyramids in the Valley of the Kings and discover that in the Book of Ra on 5 reels and on 9 lines the symbols of a long-forgotten time await you. Become a treasure hunter and be rewarded with great prizes if luck brings you the perfect combination of the single symbols. For this you should go in search of 5 identical symbols, because only then the luck can be yours. So the view should first go to the far left side of the roller and then go further and further to the right. Luckily for you, the Book of Ra will give you a wild card, which as Ra’s book can complement any winning combination.

This is how the classic Book of Ra works

Of course, even the ancient pharaohs want a small fee, so that luck can be yours. Thus, before each game at the Book of Ra, an insert determined and the number of lines, can be specified. To do this you must click on the symbols + or – so that you can precisely determine the height of the insert and the number of lines. Now you should trust in luck and with a click on the start button you can convince yourself if Fortune means well with you. But you can also start automatically with the auto start every lap and make it even easier to play the Book of Ra. If you want to stop playing the automatic rounds, then just click on the Stop button. Interesting now is the next click, because the button profits informs you on euro and cent how high your profit will be. If you can not resist so many temptations, then the button Gamble is simply irresistible for you. Because with a small click you have managed to double your profit in case of victory. A fun for all player hearts and if you clicked on Gamble, the gambling can start. But if the next games are not so exciting, then you should simply click on the Take button and the normal game mode is played. With a 50:50 Siegeschance you are lucky enough to be challenged again and in the best case also get the big win.

Of course you can also win free games at the classic Book of Ra

What could be better than having a free free game? Even the ancient pharaohs appreciate loyal players who find the Book of Ra in the desired number of 3 or more symbols, who can look forward to 10 free spins. In this case, the use of the last game is automatically taken and set as an insert again. If the free spins start, then in addition a bonus symbol is selected. For those lucky enough to be more lucky now, in Free Spins, they’ll hit 2 bonus symbols in a spin, and so it can happen that their winning value, according to a spreadsheet, can be multiplied by the number of paylines.

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