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1429 Uncharted Seas

Slot machine 1429 Uncharted Seas review | Thunderkick

Long ago, brave navigators opened the whole world for future generations, going on dangerous trips, studying the ocean and applying to geographical new lands. Naturally, the vast expanses of the sea, full of secrets and unknownness, gave birth to a huge number of legends and myths about mysterious creatures inhabiting the ocean wasteland. Most of these myths migrated to our age and are actively used in fantastic fiction and cinema.Charming and attractive mermaids, huge octopuses, floating from the seabed, as well as snakes capable of hugging around the ship and literally crush it in their deadly embrace. All these legendary creatures appeared in the everyday life of people (especially seafarers) much earlier than the era of the Great Discoveries and induced chilling fear and horror even to the most courageous sailors. Agree, all this sounds fascinating and at the same time dangerous, but there is one way to feel like a real explorer of the seas, meeting face to face with all the dangers of the high seas and its inhabitants, without any risk to health, and besides with the opportunity to earn a little …

It’s about the slot machine 1429 Uncharted Seas from Thunderkick . Swedish developers of gambling software offer users with a head to plunge into the endless expanses of the unknown ocean and try themselves in the role of a real discoverer and traveler. Of the similar video slots, it is possible to highlight the legendary creation of NetEnt , the Ghost Pirates gaming machine.

You will play the role of a brave navigator and go on an unforgettable journey through the vast oceans. Along the way, you will meet fabulous symbols in the form of mermaids, huge octopuses and giant snakes, but their appearance (in the form of winning combinations) will only please you. In spite of the fact that the developers did not make any plot twists in the machine, they focused on the design. Thanks to realistic graphics and animations, you immerse yourself in this world of incredible marine adventures literally from the first minutes. Naked mermaids, sea monsters, giant turtle and many other characters associated with legends and myths about marine life will instantly transform you from the usual online gambling lover into a real “sea wolf” and “conqueror of the oceans”. And if the ship’s journey turns out to be successful and fortune will be favorable to your ship and crew, then upon arrival at the port (ending the game) your wallet can be replenished with a solid amount of winnings.

1429 Uncharted Seas

The main characteristics of the video slot 1429 Uncharted Seas

All your exciting adventures during a journey through the unknown seas will occur on an improvised geographic map. The playing field has a standard structure for most video slots: 5 (five) reels and 3 (three) series of symbols. When constructing winning combinations, 25 (twenty five) fixed paylines are used, and a combination with the bonus symbol will allow the user to receive a prize in the form of additional free spins.

Before starting the game, do not forget to choose the size of your bet on spin. In this video slot, it can vary from 0.10 to 100 currency units, which allows you to comfortably start the game, as a cautious user who likes to do low rates on rotation, and an amateur to play big.

As in any slot, the main goal of the game – the compilation of winning combinations on the field. The winning chain must consist of at least three repeating symbols, counted from the first (far left) drum exclusively from left to right.

It is worth noting that when the winning combinations fall, only the most profitable combination is paid, and the winnings for the different lines are summed up. Also, many players will be pleasantly pleased with the percentage of theoretical return, which in this gaming machine this figure is 98.6% . The maximum possible win in one rotation at the highest rate of $ 100 is $ 5000

Play for free in the slot machine 1429 Uncharted Seas

In order to feel like a great pioneer and go on a sea voyage without any risks to your own budget, you need either to choose a demo version of the game, or to receive a no deposit bonus on this video slot.

Many experienced players know that before you start playing for real money, it is highly desirable to try out the slot machine in free mode. First, it will allow you to thoroughly study the game’s specificity of the slot, familiarize yourself and get used to the interface, and also decide for yourself whether it is worth playing in this video slot for real money, based on your own game preferences. Secondly, with a long game in the demo version, you can think over your personal tactics, analyzing the probability of losing the most profitable winning combinations, as well as raising or lowering bets at a certain game distance.

Another option for free video slot 1429 Uncharted Seas is to receive a no deposit bonus in an online casino . Because of the great competition in online gambling, every virtual casino wants to lure new users to itself. Well, you, as a player is given a chance to choose the most advantageous offer, take advantage of it and get a chance to win real money without replenishing the account.

Appearance (appearance) of the slot 1429 Uncharted Seas

The interface of this gaming machine is made in the style of the nautical theme of modern times, and undoubtedly will be enjoyed by lovers of mystical adventures aboard the old brigantine. The main advantage of the appearance of the slot is its simplicity: no extra cluttering buttons and unclear functions, from the first minutes of the game everything becomes clear even on an intuitive level. But now let’s move on to the details …

Slot machine 1429 Uncharted Seas from Thunderkick meets users with a stylized logo, it shows the name of the slot, as well as a huge sailing ship on which you will conquer the immense sea spaces.

After loading the slot, a game board appears immediately in front of the user, in the form of an old map, spread out on a wooden table in the captain’s cabin. A candle is burning in the corner of the table, and if you look closely, you can see the shadows from the rigging (cable networks attached to the mast) all around the playing field, which move to show that the ship is currently on the road. At the bottom of the game board are all the function buttons that the user will need during the game.

Animation effects are very well worked out, and if you get a wild symbol in the winning combination, you can watch a small animated episode with the capture of the ship by a huge snake. Bonus game is also repulsed by a small cut-scene, in which your ship gets into some mysterious mythical waters. The color of the playing field changes from day to night, which immediately gives a touch of mysticism and mystery in the gameplay. The musical accompaniment also gives way to more disturbing adventure rhythms, and during each rotation lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.Perhaps during the design of the bonus game developers have made some analogy with the storm, but in this case, such a “storm” instead of troubles and misfortunes can only bring profit. At the end of the bonus game, you return to the usual daylight, your ship exits from this “dark mystical zone” and in the playing field again reigns quiet and grace, the sun shines and the waves splash gracefully.

The musical component of the game slot is also made qualitatively and according to all the canons of films about pirates and sea adventures. At some points, such as when the bonus game, it seems that the musical accompaniment is written by a composer who wrote the soundtrack to the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean by Hans Zimmer.

Mobile version of the slot 1429 Uncharted Seas

Modern technology allows you to create a great variety of mobile gadgets, which in many of their characteristics and functionality will not be inferior to computers and laptops. As you might guess, the main advantage of using these devices is freedom of movement. Now that you have a modern mobile phone at your fingertips, you do not need to look for the nearest Internet cafe to find the information you need, or just to spend your free time. And of course, you can enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot machine not only with a computer, but with any gadget you have at hand, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet.

Thanks to the efforts of the developers of Thunderkick, there is absolutely no difference in the mobile version of the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot in comparison with its computer alternative. All the functionality, sound effects, animations and the arrangement of buttons in the mobile version fully correspond to their analog for personal computers and laptops, which makes the gameplay even more convenient.

Character set in the gaming machine 1429 Uncharted Seas

This video slot is made in the marine theme of the era of geographical discoveries with elements of mythology. This means that all the symbols represented in it, contribute to a complete immersion in the atmosphere of ocean adventures slots free with bonus

Basic Symbols

The group of symbols from which the combinations are constructed is represented by eight names. The cost of each prize combination can be independently studied in the payout table column, however, we will tell you about the highest paid base symbols in this gaming machine. The most advantageous are the combinations in which you will immediately get 5 naked mermaids (x50 from the rate for each prize chain), saber-toothed sea turtles and pink octopus (x10 from the size of the bet for 5 symbols on the line).

Wild and Expanding Wild character

The huge snake that emerges from the seabed and wraps around the ship performs the function of Wild. This symbol falls exclusively on the second, third and fourth reels and, becoming part of the prize combination, becomes a symbol with the Expanding Wild function. In other words, after Wild falls on the field and forms a winning chain, he automatically extends to all three of his positions, which gives a chance for even greater gains. Wild symbol under no circumstances it can not replace Scatter.

Scatter symbol

The symbol with the image of the wind rose in this gaming machine performs the function Scatter. When three or five such symbols fall, the player is given the right to play a bonus game, which consists of free spins. Depending on the number of rose roses, you will be credited with ten to fifty frisinas per bonus round. It’s worth noting that during the bonus game, the Scatter symbol can not be dropped.

Bonus Game Free Spins Bonus Feature

Developers from Thunderkick did not pile up this video slot with various and diverse prize features and limited themselves to a bonus game for frisinki. In the case where in any of the reels for a single rotation fall from three to five Scatter symbols, the player is entitled to a bonus game consisting of several frisinas. Their number directly depends on the number of Scatter symbols that have fallen out in the playing field.For 3 “rose winds” you will get 10 friskin , for 4 – 20, and for 5 – 50 free spins.


Summing up a certain result, we can say with certainty why the 1429 Uncharted Seas gaming machine is worthy of attention and what are its advantages. First, the slot has a fairly high percentage of theoretical return – 98.6%. In comparison with many other machines of the same level – this is a very good indicator. Here you can include very good payout rates for winning combinations and a generous bonus for the frispeps round.Secondly, in the gaming machine a convenient and simple control panel, where there is nothing superfluous. Well, thirdly, an excellent stylized for the era of design: the general picture, animation and sound effects – all this contributes to a complete immersion in the world of endless sea spaces and ship travel. In other words, the unknown seas are really worth exploring …

The 1429 Uncharted Seas slot machine from Thunderkick is for money and is available for free at the casino sites below.

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